Create PDF/A and insert hyperlink to image in C#

PDF/A is widely used for long term archiving for PDF format. By using Spire.PDF, you can create PDF/A file directly. This article mainly shows how to set up PDF/A file; it will also demonstrate how to add image and insert hyperlink to image in C#.

Make sure Spire.PDF for .NET (version 2.9.43 or above) has been installed correctly and then add Spire.Pdf.dll as reference in the downloaded Bin folder though the below path: "..\Spire.Pdf\Bin\NET4.0\ Spire.Pdf.dll".

Here comes to the steps:

Step 1: Create a PDF/A document.

// create a PDF/A document and add contents to it
PdfDocument document = new PdfDocument(PdfConformanceLevel.Pdf_A1B);
PdfPageBase page = document.Pages.Add();
page.Canvas.DrawString("Hello World", new PdfFont(PdfFontFamily.Helvetica, 30f), new PdfSolidBrush(Color.Black), 10, 10);

Step 2: Load an image from file and insert to the PDF.

//insert an image
PdfImage image = PdfImage.FromFile(@"D:\PDF.png");

Step 3: Add a hyper link to the image.

//Add a link to image
PointF location = new PointF(100, 100);
RectangleF linkBounds = new RectangleF(location, new SizeF(image.Width, image.Height));
Spire.Pdf.Annotations.PdfUriAnnotation link = new Spire.Pdf.Annotations.PdfUriAnnotation(linkBounds, "");
link.Border = new PdfAnnotationBorder(0);
page.Canvas.DrawImage(image, linkBounds);

Step 4: Save the PDF document.

//Save the document to file in PDF format

Effective screenshot:

Create PDF/A and insert hyperlink to image