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Professional Python API
for Office Document Processing

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Spire.Office for Python is a powerful and comprehensive library that allows developers to process documents in various file formats using Python programming language. It includes Spire.Doc for Python, Spire.XLS for Python, Spire.Presentation for Python, Spire.PDF for Python and Spire.Barcode for Python.

With Spire.Office for Python, developers can work with Word (DOC, DOCX), Excel (XLS, XLSX), PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX), PDF, and a variety of other document formats. The library provides a wide range of features and functionalities to perform tasks like reading, writing, editing, formatting, and converting documents.

As a standalone Python class library, Spire.Office for Python provides a simple and intuitive API that allows developers to easily integrate document processing capabilities into any Python application without the need for any third-party tools.

Spire.Doc for Python

Spire.Doc for Python is a professional Word Python API specifically designed for developers to create, read, write, convert, and compare Word documents with fast and high-quality performance.

As an independent Word Python API, Spire.Doc for Python doesn't need Microsoft Word to be installed on neither the development nor target systems. However, it can incorporate Microsoft Word document creation capabilities into any developers' Python applications.

Spire.XLS for Python

Spire.XLS for Python is a professional Excel development component that can be used to create, read, write and convert Excel files on any Python platform. Spire.XLS for Python offers object model Excel API for speeding up Excel programming in Python platform - create new Excel documents from template, edit existing Excel documents and convert Excel files.

This Professional Python Excel API is a standalone Excel Python managed assembly and does not depend on Microsoft Office Excel. It features fast and reliably compared with developing your own spreadsheet manipulation solution or using Microsoft Automation.

Spire.PDF for Python

Spire.PDF for Python is a professional PDF development component that enables developers to create, read, edit, convert, and save PDF files in Python programs without depending on any external applications or libraries. This Python PDF class library provides developers with various functions to create PDF files from scratch or process existing PDF documents completely through Python programs.

Spire.PDF for Python supports easily converting PDF to XPS, XPS to PDF, PDF to SVG, SVG to PDF, PDF to Excel, PDF to Word, PDF to HTML, HTML to PDF and PDF to PDF/A in high quality.

Spire.Presentation for Python

Spire.Presentation for Python is a professional presentation processing API that is highly compatible with PowerPoint. It is a completely independent class library that developers can use to create, edit, convert, and save PowerPoint presentations efficiently without installing Microsoft PowerPoint.

Spire.Presentation supports a variety of presentation manipulation features, such as managing slides, adding text and images, creating tables and charts, inserting videos and audio, encrypting and decrypting presentations, inserting watermarks, and manipulating comments.

Spire.Barcode for Python

Spire.Barcode for Python is a versatile barcode generation and recognition library. It provides developers with an intuitive API to integrate barcode functionality into their Python programs. With support for various barcode formats, including 1D and 2D barcodes, it simplifies tasks of generating, reading, and scanning 1D and 2D barcodes.

Spire.Barcode for Python offers a comprehensive set of features to efficiently generate and read barcodes. It supports popular symbologies like EAN-13, Code 128, and QR Code, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The library's user-friendly APIs allow developers to manipulate barcodes easily, making it an ideal choice for barcode-related tasks in Python projects.


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