Spire.XLS AI for .NET

Spire.XLS AI - Advanced AI Engine to Simplify the Way You Work with Excel Files

  • Overview

Advanced AI Engine to Simplify
the Way You Work with Excel Files

Let AI Extract the Essential Data from Massive Data of Excel,
Simplify Intricate Ideas, and Find Key Information in Seconds.
  • Summarize Excel

  • Chat with Excel

  • Rewrite Excel

  • Translate Excel

  • Explain Excel

Summarize Excel

Spire.XLS AI can utilize natural language processing techniques to summarize text data in an Excel document, extracting key phrases and keywords to provide a concise overview of the textual information.

Summarize Excel

Chat with Excel

Chat with Excel to get instant answers with cited sources. Via question and answers, Spire.XLS AI will respond to your queries, understands the context of conversation, offer useful information you want.

Chat with Excel

Rewrite Excel

Revitalize your Excel files effortlessly with the power of Spire.XLS AI. Unlock the ability to rewrite Excel files, allowing you to streamline workflows and achieve flawless data management.

Rewrite Excel

Translate Excel

Spire.XLS AI empowers users to seamlessly convert the content of Excel worksheets or specific cell ranges into multiple languages with exceptional precision and accuracy. This feature facilitates the localization of Excel data, making it accessible and understandable to individuals who speak different languages.

Translate Excel

Explain Excel

With Spire.XLS AI, developers can query AI about the content (concepts, formulas or codes, etc.) in an Excel file through the API and get an accurate and concise explanation or solution. This feature enables smarter interaction between developers and Excel data.

Explain Excel


Upload Excel Workbooks

Effortlessly upload the Excel workbooks you want to process with AI.

Request Processing via API

Engage with the API to ask questions, extract information, summarize data, and more.

Receive Comprehensive Responses

Obtain comprehensive answers based on the extracted data from the Excel workbooks.

Do More with Spire.XLS for .NET

  • Convert

  • Export

  • Validate

  • Formula

  • Format

  • Chart

  • Pivot Table

  • Group

  • Merge

  • Highlight

Convert Excel to PDF

Whenever you need to share an important Excel report with a partner, it's best to convert the file to PDF to ensure it looks the same as it does on your device.

Export Data from Database to Excel

When data is exported from a database to Excel, it can be analyzed and visualized, as well as viewed and processed by users who are not database users.

Apply Data Validation

Data validation in Excel controls what kind of data can be entered into a certain cell, which ensures that all data entries are accurate and consistent.

Insert Formulas and Functions

Formula is an expression that calculates values in a cell or in a range of cells, while function is a predefined formula already available in Excel. Both formulas and functions are very useful when you need to calculate numbers or solve math problems in Excel.

Apply Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting is a helpful feature that allows applying special formats to cells meeting specific criteria. It is often used to emphasize or differentiate data stored in worksheets.

Create a Chart

Chart is a fantastic tool to visually group and analyze data. It provides the reader with the structure of the data set and displays the data in a graphical representation, making it easier for most users to see the data.

Create a Pivot Table

Pivot table is a kind of interactive table that allow users to quickly categorize, calculate, summarize and analyze large amounts of data in a concise tabular format.

Group Rows or Columns

For worksheets with large amounts of data, grouping rows or columns that contain similar information can make the worksheet more compact and understandable.

Merge Excel Files

Merging Excel files with associated content can help us work with worksheet data more easily and also make it easier to share and read the contents of our workbooks.

Find and Highlight

You can find all cells containing a specific value and highlight them with the same background color to make the value outstanding and more easily to be found out.


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