Spire.Presentation for C++

Manipulating PowerPoint on C++ Platforms

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A PowerPoint® Compatible Library without Microsoft PowerPoint

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Spire.Presentation for C++ is a professional PowerPoint® compatible API that enables developers to create, read, write, modify, and convert PowerPoint documents on any C++ platforms. As an independent PowerPoint C++ API, Spire.Presentation for C++ doesn't need Microsoft PowerPoint to be installed on devices.

Spire.Presentation for C++ supports PPT, PPS, PPTX and PPSX presentation formats. It provides functions such as managing text, image, shapes, tables, animations, audio, and video on slides. It also supports exporting presentation slides to JPG, PDF, XPS, SVG, HTML and other formats.

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  • Master

  • Watermark

  • Extract

  • eSign

  • Chart

  • SmartArt

  • Graphic

  • Note

  • Animation

Convert PowerPoint to PDF

Converting PowerPoint to PDF helps you maintain the layout and formatting of your presentation when viewed on different systems or devices.

Create Slide Masters

A slide master controls the design of all the slides based on it. Using a slide master makes it easier to create presentations that look consistent and visually appealing.

Add a Watermark

Watermarks are used to declare confidentiality, copyright, source, or other attributes of the document, or as a decoration to make the document more attractive. Both text watermarks and image watermarks can be added to presentations.

Extract Text and Images

If you only need the text and images of a PowerPoint document regardless of their formatting and layout, you can directly extract them from the document.

Digitally Sign PowerPoint Documents

A digital signature provides assurances about the validity and authenticity of your presentation. Once a PowerPoint document is digitally signed, any changes to the document will invalidate the signature.

Insert Charts

Charts in PowerPoint can help illustrate data, show trends or changes in data over time, and make the whole document more professional and attractive.

Insert a SmartArt

SmartArt is a way to combine text, shapes and colors into an image or illustration. SmartArt graphics let you easily create a visual representation of your information.

Insert Images and Shapes

Adding pictures and shapes can make your presentations more interesting and engaging. And you can customize your images by cropping, reordering, changing colors or adding other formatting and customize shape according to your own color palette, preferences.

Add Speaker Notes

Adding speaker notes to a PowerPoint presentation provides reference material for the speaker when they’re presenting a slideshow, allowing them to stay on track without forgetting the key points to deliver a flawless presentation.

Set Animations on Shapes in PowerPoint

Animation is a great way to emphasize important points, to control the flow of information, and to increase viewer interest in your presentation. You can animate almost every objects in PowerPoint slide to give them visual effects.


Standalone C++ API

100% independent C++ PowerPoint API that
doesn't require Microsoft PowerPoint to be installed on the system.


  • PPT - PowerPoint Presentation 97-2003
  • PPS - PowerPoint SlideShow 97-2003
  • PPTX - PowerPoint Presentation 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019
  • PPSX - PowerPoint SlideShow 2007, 2010


Powerful Toolset, Multichannel Support

  • Work with PowerPoint Charts

  • Work with SmartArt

  • Images and Shapes

  • Audio and Video

  • Protect Presentation Slides

  • Text and Image Watermark

  • Merge Split PowerPoint Document

  • Comments and Notes

  • Manage PowerPoint Tables

  • Set Animations on Shapes

  • Manage Hyperlink

  • Extract Text and Image

  • Replace Text


Conversion File Documents with High Quality

  • PDF

  • HTML

  • XPS

  • SVG

  • Image

PowerPoint Document

  • PNG

  • BMP

  • JPEG


Only Spire.Presentation, No Microsoft PowerPoint Automation

As an independent PowerPoint C++ API, Spire.Presentation for C++ doesn't need Microsoft PowerPoint to be installed on the system. And it is compatible with other C++ applications.

Convert Presentation Slides with High Quality

By using Spire.Presentation for C++, developers can export presentation slides to PDF, XPS, SVG and image (Bitmap, JPG, PNG, GIF, and WMF) formats. It also supports SmartArt shape and MSO Charts APIs.

Summary of Spire.Presentation functions

Create, open, read and modify PowerPoint presentations from different sources.Convert presentation slides to image, PDF, SVG and XPS formats.

File Formats Supported

Spire.Presentation for C++ supports Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, 2010.
  • PPT - PowerPoint Presentation 97-2003
  • PPS - PowerPoint SlideShow 97-2003
  • PPTX - PowerPoint Presentation 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019
  • PPSX - PowerPoint SlideShow 2007,2010

Platforms Supported

By using Spire.Presentation, developers can build any type of 64-bit C++ applications to create and handle PowerPoint presentation documents.


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