Spire. Presentation for Java

Spire. Presentation for Java

A Professional PowerPointLibrary without Miscrosoft PowerPoint

Spire.Presentation for Java is a professional PowerPoint API that enables developers to create, read, write, convert and save PowerPoint documents in Java Applications. As an independent Java library, Spire.Presentation doesn't need Microsoft PowerPoint to be installed on system.

A rich set of features can be supported by Spire.Presentation for Java, such as add/edit/remove slide, create chart, create table, add bullets, encrypt and decrypt PPT, add watermark, add hyperlink, insert audio and video, paragraph settings, document properties settings, insert/extract image, extract text, set animation, add header and footer, add/delete comment, add note, create SmartArt.

Spire.Presentation for Java also supports to convert PowerPoint document to image, PDF, HTML, XPS, PPTX and SVG in high quality.

Spire.Presentation for Java
Commercial Edition $599

Compared with the free version, the comemrcial editon has no slides limitation and is more comprehensive in processing PowerPoint files.

Free Edition $0

Free version is limited to 10 presentation slides when creating PPT and PPTX. When converting PowerPoint files to PDF, Image or XPS, you can only get the first 10 pages of the generated file.

Only Spire.Presentation for Java, No Microsoft Office Installed

Spire.Presentation for Java is a 100% independent Java PowerPoint library, it doesn't require Microsoft Office or any other 3rd party library to be installed on system.

High Quality PowerPoint File Conversion

Spire.Presentation for Java allows converting PowerPoint to image, PDF, PPTX and SVG file in high quality.

Rich PowerPoint Elements Supported

Spire.Presentation supports to process a variety of PowerPoint elements, such as slide, text, image, shape, table, chart, watermark, animation, header and footer, comment, note, SmartArt, hyperlink, OLE object, audio and video.

Easy Integration

Spire.Presentation for Java can be easily integrated into Java applications.