Renew Subscription

Why to Renew the Subscription

The One Year Subscription only guarantees your one year products update and prior technology/sales support. When the subscription expires, any latest products release or hotfix can’t be enjoyed any more.

When to Renew the Subscription

Generally, you can renew your subscription anytime you want. However we usually send an email to the register email address to remind you to renew your subscription before your subscription goes expired. To renew an existed subscription only costs 60% of the current price, while to re-activate an expired subscription costs 75% of the current product price.

How to Renew the Subscription

You just need to log in to our website with the username with which you bought the product , place a new order of the subscription which needs renewal, apply the coupon code and finish the payment.

If you bought the product from our resellers, you can contact them to renew it or purchase a new subscription.

If you have any problems or any changes, please contact our sales department and we will help you.