I did not "complain" for a long time+. Everything is good - we are still using Spire.Doc for Java :-)

Yoni Hotam DealHub2023-06-06

Our customers requested barcode support. We added barcode scanning, but we also needed to create barcodes. Because we already used Free Spire.PDF, we had a look at Free Spire.Barcode and immediately were very happy with it. The most important barcode types are supported by the free version and so we now can create some of the supported barcodes (EAN-128, Code-128, QR-Code).
The products interface is easy and well documented. For now, wo can live with the limitations of the free version and let our customers try and give us some feedback.

Inge Ruppio Stahl Wille2023-06-06

I like the product and it is serving our goals very good. We use Spire.PDF to print pdf documents on an easy way. We would like to buy Spire.PDF.

Koos Gommans Developer2023-05-09

I have tested Spire.Doc to convert docx file to pdf in our custom intranet application.
The pdf resulted is very good, like the pdf resulted from MS Word conversion.

Riccardo Belzani FAKT2023-05-05

Thank you for your quick response. I tried out your sample app which works fine and does what I want.
Thank you for your time and effort. It is much appreciated.

Ed Jenkins COX2023-03-01

I evaluated your product, and we are happy that is satisfies our needs.
I would like to go ahead with the purchasing for a license for the Spire.PDF for .NET (running on .NET 4.8).

Mogale Mohlala Ilanga Information Systems2023-02-28

Spire.Barcode is very useful and easy to use. 5 star rating out of 5 from my end.

Ganesh Adak Developer2023-02-24

We recognize that Spire.PDF is a great product, meeting our needs!!

Yuji Suda KEYENECE2023-02-22

Wow, that's great, thanks! I can confirm that this works and helps tremendously.

Rico Scheller SIEMENS2023-02-06

Fantastic! This worked beautifully. As aways – thanks for your excellent help and support!

Jimmy Strain Fusion WW2023-02-01

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