The code you sent for me was perfectly correct and added space between the tables.
I am running a medical application for world health organization and deiced using the Spire.Doc library to show the result. Spire.Doc is Awesome on Everything(specially on Support). The Spire Library helped with cancer research. Big thanks again.

Hamed Kakavand Developer2021-10-12

Thank you so much for your excellent support and also a thanks to the development team which does great work too. I have now received support for Spire.PDF a couple of times.
And it was always resolved quickly and perfectly even though I never proved we own a license.
On top of that, your product is very good. We pretty much use every feature of Spire.PDF:

  • Reading and writing large custom metadata
  • Reading and filling formula fields
  • Reading and writing a digital signature
  • Adding pictures
  • Cutting off pages
  • Protecting a PDF with a password
  • Creating complex new PDFs
  • And so on...

So, again, your support is highly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Rico Scheller Siemens2021-09-23

Your mail really saved me some time. E-iceblue always amazes me with the great service you give!!!
If you ever need a reference for a new customer, do not hesitate to send them my e-mail address!

Alain Senechal Mediapolis2021-09-10

The component works perfectly fine. Well engineered and easy for developers to use. I think E-iceblue did a really good job documenting how to use the Spire.PDFViewer also. If I have a need for any of the other components I will most certainly look to your company for the solution!

Michael Gooley Developer2021-06-30

The Spire.PDF is good to satisfy my wishes. I am glad that I have found it. I save a lot of time now.

Mr. Joe Developer2021-05-19

Perfect I will try out your solutions tomorrow. Thank you very much for your super fast response!

Marc Tanberg Mother Lode Holding Company2021-05-19

Thanks very much for another quick reply, and on a Saturday. That code segment looks much better, thanks.
I am always impressed with your Tech Support. I used to run a multi-national team of developers, and I am always pleased to hear from you and your team. Very good indeed!

Stephen Briggs Developer2021-05-10

I had a need to generate dynamic QRCodes, and I found the Free Spire.Barcode on an online forum.
The sample project was easy to understand allowing me to implement a solution that would fit our needs. I reached out to support & they were very helpful in answering my question and I would recommend this product & this company without hesitation.
Truly a lifesaver! The Free Spire.Barcode product is a highly useful product which produces a much needed, extremely high quality barcode that met our need.

Kevin Albrecht Kaleidoscope2021-03-23

Thank you so much. I've evaluated 9 different PDF libraries for .NET and we'll very likely go with Spire.PDF.
This is largely due to your quick and informative responses (excellent pre-sales tech support), so thank you. I would strongly recommend that you update your website with some of my questions because I believe that a lot of people are looking for the same things that we are and you obviously have good answers to all of them.

Dean Sadites Developer2021-01-22

Spire.PDFViewer is very good for me.
Currently, It meets my requirement to display the PDF into the browser using the stream method.
This is wonderful and easy to use.

Imi Chitterman Developer2021-01-04

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