Thanks very much for another quick reply, and on a Saturday. That code segment looks much better, thanks.
I am always impressed with your Tech Support. I used to run a multi-national team of developers, and I am always pleased to hear from you and your team. Very good indeed!

Stephen Briggs Developer2021-05-10

I had a need to generate dynamic QRCodes, and I found the Free Spire.Barcode on an online forum.
The sample project was easy to understand allowing me to implement a solution that would fit our needs. I reached out to support & they were very helpful in answering my question and I would recommend this product & this company without hesitation.
Truly a lifesaver! The Free Spire.Barcode product is a highly useful product which produces a much needed, extremely high quality barcode that met our need.

Kevin Albrecht Kaleidoscope2021-03-23

Thank you so much. I've evaluated 9 different PDF libraries for .NET and we'll very likely go with Spire.PDF.
This is largely due to your quick and informative responses (excellent pre-sales tech support), so thank you. I would strongly recommend that you update your website with some of my questions because I believe that a lot of people are looking for the same things that we are and you obviously have good answers to all of them.

Dean Sadites Developer2021-01-22

Spire.PDFViewer is very good for me.
Currently, It meets my requirement to display the PDF into the browser using the stream method.
This is wonderful and easy to use.

Imi Chitterman Developer2021-01-04

Your product is great. We moved from XXX to your product.

Saeer Butt Developer2020-12-18

We are in the final stages of our development and need to finalize the API provider for generating the PPT ones.
We really liked your tool since it's easy to integrate with.

Vatsav Konreddy Contenterra2020-12-16

Before I used XXX, unfortunately it's not able to handle my big reporting. Spire.XLS is really a good tool with strong support team.

Jun Zhou Developer2020-11-20

We are looking for a .NET assembly to create barcodes. It is important that different code types can be created reliably. Scalability is very important to enable machine scanning. Spire.Barcode fully meets our requirements and is also very easy to implement.

Andreas Maronde Wein und Vinos GmbH2020-11-20

Thank you for your prompt response, really appreciate it. The product is of great help to our solution.

Doki Rusiana Developer2020-11-06

This is exactly what I needed!
Thank you very much. 10/10 for absolute excellent service.
So far I am impressed with what it can do and service.

Mr. Kit Developer2020-09-04

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