My name is Milen Nikolov and I am a senior Product Manager with Dynamo Software, a leading cloud provider of alternative investment management software. Our clients are among the biggest and most renowned financial institutions in the world. Our company is a long-term subscriber to Spire products. We have had a great relationship and Spire team has been extremely quick and responsive to our reports about issues.
Thanks for all the good work!

Milen Nikolov Dynamo Software2022-09-09

I have been using other barcode libraries for PDF manipulation (Barcodes, E-Forms, etc) for quite some time but found that the free versions were limited in terms of functionality and features. After doing research I found that someone recommended Spire.Barcode which was a free library that would enable my to insert a logo into a QR Code and sizing of the QR Code after using the Library i was very impressed and i can recommend it to other people especially with regards to barcodes. The other Libraries that offer this feature are all not free from what i have seen.
The team is prompt with responses.

Mr. Jake Developer2022-09-08

We are interested in switching to using Spire.PDF for Java.
We used to use XXX but it is quite pricey. It looks like Spire.PDF is quite capable of fulfilling our requirements based on initial testing.

Charity Santiago Infobuilder Technologies2022-09-05

Fantastic service as usual – you guys are great.
These exact working code snippets are precisely what differentiates you from companies offering similar products.

Colin Stone ANALEC2022-06-10

I have been using Spire.Doc's Java library's trial version since last 1 month for developing a POC project. I have also gone through the pricing page of the service you're providing. Overall the service your library is providing is very good.

Siddhant Bhandari PaperTrue2022-05-31

Thank you very much for your reply. It's incredible how talented Spire.Doc is. Component definitely deserves all the praise. I wish you continued success.

Jim Jerry Developer2022-05-31

It was really a nice experience while using Spire.PDF for Java API, it made life very easy while fetching, manipulating and generating PDF contents. Great to see how much it reduces dependency on Adobe acrobat reader.

Kumar Rishi Developer2022-01-13

My priorities switched to a different project after August so I was not testing Spire actively for a long time. I restarted my testing in December and things are looking very promising. We are interested in making this purchase now. Also, your support has been very good at fixing most issues I reported, even before we purchased.

Kreis Alex Smith+Nephew2022-01-07

Thank you for being so quick! :-) I tested it and it works! Just a minor issue: in your output (see screenshot) the equation is horizontally centered, while in XXX it's not. It should not be centered because in the HTML there's nothing (no HTML tags and/or styles) that forces the equation to be centered Anyway, since you were so quick in solving this issue I'll go with you and purchase a license. I know that if/when I have a problem, you'll be quick to solve it.

Paolo Mugnaini Developer2021-12-15

Since we implemented the missing .Close() and .Dispose() statements the overall memory usage on our AppService is reduced and no more exceptions were reported since then.
So we have to thank you again for your fast and reliable support on our problems and agree to close this ticket on your side.

Alexander Wobbe DEVWARE GmbH2021-11-29

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