I have asked my employer to acquire a Spire.Doc Pro license as we are all very happy with your product as well as your perfect support.

Vahid Tavana Developer2017-02-13

First of all I want to thank you again for the great support we received so far on our tickets. Was very helpful and we can finally use the letter functionality in our new webapplication a lot better.

Michael Perret xsmart AG2017-02-06

The support we get from you also adds a big plus about why to recommend Spire.PDF.

Uwe Haeusler ACS2017-01-26

Our group was looking for a cost-effective way to add reliable barcode generation to our web application. We tried some free ones that we found to be inaccurate and put our customers at risk.
Spire.Barcode for .Net has proven to pass our test cases as well as come with a free license. Couldn't be happier!

Eric Brown ChildrenSAL2017-01-22

You have a wonderful customer service and pretty determined tech team I must say!!

Akshay Vaze JONDO2017-01-18

As a longtime software engineer I can say that the Spire products are second to none, I have been struggling manipulating word and excel documents, it was a nightmare, till I came upon the Spire Suite of products, they made my life much easier, working with word, excel, and pdf is a breeze.
Recently I needed a barcode for one of my software projects. I looked all over the internet. all I found was free trials and then stuff for thousands of dollars, but the spire people came to the rescue, with their superb Spire.Barcode product. I was able to deliver my project on-time and on budget, and became a hero in boss eyes thanks to spire.

Naftaly Monroe Developer2017-01-04

I tested your product because it was recommended on Stack Overflow for a programmatic approach to printing a large number of PDF files and it's free. Our PDF needs are rather small in terms of what we need to do with them, but the programmatic approach your library provides is an awesome tool to accomplishing what we need to do.

Fred Kerber Developer2016-12-08

I have used Micorsoft COM API for Excel/Word processing but encountered many problems. Then I try Spire these two weeks and find it powerful and easy to use.
I also post some issues on the forum and get replied at the right time, so grateful. I have used Free Spire.Doc and Free Spire.XLS in my project and they work well in my application.
Currently the free components have satisfied my needs. I will consider for commercial product if necessary.

Mr. Jay Developer2016-12-07

We are using the 100% free Spire.Barcode from E-iceblue in our windows test applications and it is all what we need. Featuring an easy integration into our test environment Spire.Barcode helps us improve our product quality. Its free and easy to use and Transtronic programmers are looking forward to use Spire barcode in future projects.

Tapani Rautio Transtronic AB2016-10-25

Please let everyone there know that I could not do my job here without this SDK Spire.PDF and the amazing support that I get from you folks when I have questions.

Matthew Pierce Impact Trial2016-10-24

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