We tried your free version product Spire.Presentation for .NET and we think that it's working amazingly!

Uzi Drori Kenes Group2016-08-25

The trial license of Spire.Presentation has worked great for us and has allowed us to make the decision to use your product over an alternative that we are trailing (**.Slides).

Anthony Dunne Aon Ireland2016-08-24

Actually I'm using your dll only for printing mail attachments that are downloaded in background mode. It's very simple to integrate your dll, easy-to-use and it's working very well till now. I've just had a little problem with pdf signed with PKCS and your support resolved my issue fastely.
Now I'm very satisfied and surely i will mind about your solution for bigger projects.
Thank you for your attention.

Mr. Cortellini Developer2016-07-13

Your Barcode system is very useful for our trading I think, because it is free and allow us to make trial. Even our client is satisfied with quick change and shows these barcode.

Mike Miyake OHNO Inc.2016-07-11

After performing few tests in the our application, which uses Spire.PDF, I confirm that latest hotfix is excelent.
There are no blanks instead of polish letters on printed documents. Library is very fast and quick spools documents on the printer and properly changes printer settings for each document (trays, orientation, simplex/duplex, etc.).
Thank you very much.

Piotr Sivy Developer2016-06-28

Actual we are using the XXXX for handling all PDF related requirements.
Now we need to Detect Barcodes from PDF Embedded Images. Our library has no function to do this, and Cannot extract the images page by page. Also the support for the extraction of some special image Formats (eg. JBIG2) and it has no Support for encrypted PDF.
So we did an evaluation and found Spire.PDF as the perfect solution for our requirements. The Usage of Your library is much easier than the old one and has features that many of our Customers already requested (Signing PDF's, Full Picture Extraction Support, Barcode recognition, Office converters, etc.)
We are using the Library as embedded part of our ERP Software, especially for our DMS and Accounting Workflows.

Rainer Patzer R&S Soft2016-06-02

Your product works very fine. We use that to convert XPS files to PDF.
We already bought a license of Spire.PDF.
You provide a great library for .Net. :-)

Mr. Fontana Schindler2016-05-27

I used the Spire.Barcode utility and found that it is very easy to integrate to an existing application.
Also, the Guide given in the website with demos, help you all the more to make your project work perfectly.
It gives you the features for 1d, 2D, also, the different types of barcode you need to get created.
It has saved me a large amount of time, which i wasted in searching and reading books to create wrappers for barcode font. Spire barcode.dll has saved me from huge amount of pressure, and allowed to comlete my project in time.
Thanks very much, also I prefer more people need to know this.

Vineeta V. Developer2016-05-19

I'm waiting for a confirmation from my superiors to buy the license. But we already finished the tests with the Spire.Doc, and it works perfectly!
We are very excited to start to work with it, because it fixes a lot of bugs that we have using the Microsoft.Office.Interop's dll.
I guess that I'll probably have the confirmation in the begin of the next year.

Jorge Oliveira Star Net Pharma2016-05-03

Our team was in need of a .NET utility that would allow us to generate barcode images used for emailing receipts.
Spire.Barcode not only provided the ability to generate barcodes and save them as images, but offers a range of customization that suited our needs perfectly.
The fact that these services are completely free is almost too good to be true!

Kevin Kelley Clarity Connect2016-04-11

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