Spire.PDF is definitely the best library for handling PDF I have worked with. Currently I'm only using it to make PDF files from images or other PDF files.
And then your PDF viewer for displaying the files in the program. Which have all been an easy task to implement with the Spire.PDF.

Lukas Ronsholt Developer2017-11-16

I do like how your Spire.PDF reads the text and keeps the spacing on each line, much better than XXX.

Chris Parker Story Data io2017-09-27

We would like to switch from XXX to Spire.PDF for .NET, the reason for my change is that I find the competitors product not reliable enough.
I did some tests with Free Spire.PDF (with some of my "difficult" files) and am satisfied with your component's reliablility and speed. Also, your object model is very simple and easy to understand.

Ralf Kürbitz nachtfrosch2017-09-25

We currently use your excel products and really like it. We have a new project for PDF and have test your pdf version and we just like the way it works better and since we know the excel product it was easy to use the pdf version. So we would like to use yours on this new project and convert the existing app that uses XX. Your product is faster too.

Tim Gladney Fastline2017-09-20

Thank you very much for your code of Spire.XLS. I have implemented that and it works like a charm.
You guys are absolutely fantastic and your support is really excellent. Thank you.

Mr. Sathya Circassia2017-07-26

So far so good. We needed a tool to convert a Word document that has quite a bit of formatting (e.g. tables, etc.) to PDF and Spire.Doc works well for that.

Dan Cornish ISI2017-06-13

Spire.PDF is very cool. And trust me, you people are awesome with your support too. This helps a lot for the new developers like me. Hats off.

Mr. Tonmoy Developer2017-05-25

You have one of the best Customer Support Departments I've ever seen.

Mr. Rob Developer2017-05-25

Our development team has used this product for the past 6 months and have very been impressed. So much so, we decided to finalize the licensing. We have used it every day with one of our web applications. It is easy to configure and hasn't registered one issue or case during development. Very consistent. In fact, it will be our go to barcode-tool from now on.

Aaron Rosales OBI2017-03-30

Your word reader is working very nicely on our website.
Thank you for sharing such a great product.

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