I've been using Spire.XLS for a few days and I found it extremely helpful - I have to read data from Excel files with a complex layout and it would have taken ages without a dedicated library such as Spire! So far, it's working great.

Niccolò Carli Developer2018-08-27

Currently, we are using XXX SDK and we want to use Spire.Office now. As for the reason of changing, our technical have evaluated and below are the feedback:

  • Spire.Office is more comprehensive in handling offices files and not limiting to PDF file only.
  • Spire.Office .NET is faster in result, accurate in converting to images, and easier to use.
  • Spire.Office NET deployment offers better flexibility as XXX requires our customer information (which is confidential) to be registered with them everytime.

Robert Teoh Developer2018-08-06

Thanks a bunch for your support.
I have seen multiple third party applications/tools, but the support from e-iceblue in all the products is awesome. Your team were simply extraordinary in both pre/post sales support which is not seen in any other products.
Thanks a lot once again.

Ashok Kumar Kunchala Aureus Tech Systems2018-06-06

Your product Spire.Barcode is just Works amazing... it helps us to generate a QR code very easily... we just did it effortless by using your product we developed our QR generator software very easily... thanks for providing it with free of cost.. it just minimize our time to develope this software..

Amruta Jangam Developer2018-04-26

Colonial has been a satisfied customer of your Spire.PDF dll library for years; having purchased a license in February of 2015.
We use it in a variety of C# applications, both in website Save-As and automated transformative file creation application situations.

Miles Thornton Colonial2018-03-29

Both Spire.Doc and Spire.XLS are great!
They helped me write a tool that I use in my work for the automated execution of documents. Thank you very much!
I am very happy with these libraries and I will definitely recommend them to my friends.
Best regards, Jacek from Poland.

Jacek Kurowski O22018-03-13

Spire.Barcode is an excellent product.
It integrates seamlessly and efficiently with visual studio 2017. The documentation makes it very easy to use with the help of examples in most popular programming languages and works well with other software.
The best part is that it works efficiently with my Bluetooth barcode reader. I have tried various vendors but this free one works the best.

Mr. Majimoto Developer2018-02-07

Actually Spire.XLS is working fine, it meets my requirements, to save excel as image though C#. Thank you for your product, it helps me a lot in the project.

B. P. Developer2018-02-06

The library free Spire.XLS meets my expectations completely.
Thanks to the many examples and the very good documentation, the inworking is easy. I am now able to write text and formulas in an Excel worksheet and format the data appealing. I will continue to read from an Excel file.
I'm glad to have found a library so easy to handle for Excel.

Kai-Uwe Steinbrich Stadtkapelle Oelsnitz2018-01-03

Your Tech Support is always excellent. I know a bit about that as I used to run an international development team.
I am always pleased to see people that are careful and professional in the way they deal with customers and help customers to get the best result.
You and your colleagues are very good, so thanks again!

Stephen Briggs Pragmasis2018-01-03

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