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Spire.Cloud.Office is a powerful online Office viewer and editor developed by E-iceblue, which currently consists of Spire.Cloud.Word and Spire.Cloud.Excel. Integrate it into your web server or cloud application, and you’ll be able to create, edit, convert, print, view and save MS Word and MS Excel compatible documents in a HTML5 browser on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Spire.Cloud.Office can perform a variety range of operations on Word and Excel documents, such as editing text, formatting contents, password protecting documents, finding and replacing text, adding headers and footers, creating tables, adding watermarks, adding hyperlinks, adding comments, inserting images, etc. Moreover, it supports saving Word document to PDF, PDF/A, ODT, DOTX, OTT, RTF, or HTML, it also supports saving Excel documents as XLS, XLSX, XLSB, XLSM, XLT, XLTX, XLTM, PDF, CSV, ODS, OTS, ET, ETT and XPS formats.

Working together with Spire.Office for .NET, you can manipulate Word and Excel documents from the server-end using C# or VB.NET code, and then send the results to a browser for further editing in a visual manner.

Spire.Cloud.Office for .NET
Create Word/Excel Online
Fill Templates
Convert Formats
Protect, Encrypt, Decrypt Documents
Print Documents
Add Watermarks
Add hyperlinks and Bookmarks
Find and Replace Text or Data
Create and Update Tables
Merge and Split Word Documents
Merge/Unmerge Cells
Insert/Delete Rows and Columns
Create Pivot Tables
Collaborate on Word and Excel
Insert Formulas
Insert Charts, Images, Shapes and WordArt
Document Editing
Document Editing
Spire.Cloud.Word offers the ability to create a Word document from scratch as well as editing existing ones. Almost all document elements are supported, including sections, pages, headers & footers, paragraphs, lists, tables, hyperlinks, bookmarks, Word Arts, comments, images, textboxes, formulas, and table of contents.
Spreadsheet Editing
Spire.Cloud.Excel is capable of creating Excel files from scratch and editing existing ones. Almost all Excel elements are supported, including worksheets, rows and columns, cells, formulas, equations, symbols, charts, shapes, hyperlinks, comments, tables, WordArt, images, document properties, pivot tables, page layouts, backgrounds, borders and many more.
Collaborative Editing in Real Time
Multiple users can work together on the same document over the internet. The Fast editing mode enables users to see the changes made in document in real time; the Strick editing mode will lock the paragraph one user is editing and sync the changes after “Save” button is clicked.
Document Comparison
Compare two versions of a document in seconds to identify changes made by different contributors. The differences could include minor formatting adjustments, such as font or spacing changes, or more significant modifications, such as the addition or omission of words, sentences, clauses, or paragraphs.
Data Visualization
You can visualize your data using visual elements like charts. Spire.Cloud.Excel offers multiple chart types to choose from: column chart, line chart, pie chart, bar chart, area chart, stock chart and XY (Scatter) chart.
User Friendly UI
Spire.Cloud.Office provides MS Office inspired user interfaces. One can easily get familiar with it if he or she already has a good command of MS Office.
Easy Integration
Spire.Cloud.Office provides an auto installer, enabling users to install the document editor, configure environment and bind service with just a few clicks.
High Performance
All the Word and Excel processing features are written in JavaScript that runs completely on client-side, which boosts editing efficiency a lot.
Server-Side Processing
Create templates, import data from a database and automate more operations on Word and Excel documents with Spire.Office for .NET library without any user interface.

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