Here you will get clear information of our general policies and guides that answer your questions about how to evaluate and purchase our products, and the support we provide. If you have not found the information you want from below, please feel free to contact our sales team.

Purchase Subscription

This Section will guide you to learn about the E-iceblue's License Model- One Year Subscription Program. This Program is designed to enable individuals or team developers to always stay current with the latest development technology and gain preferential technology/sales support with quite a low fee.

How to Choose Subscription

There are two main factors that do matter which subscription to choose.

  • How many developers use our product
  • How many geography locations that the applications will be deployed to


A developer is defined as a software developer, a tester or other person who uses the product. All developers working on the project need to be licensed.

A geography location is defined as a location that has a unique house number. For SharePoint and Web applications, a geography location also refers to a server or multiple servers at the same location.

According to this line of principle, we offer four kinds of Subscription options to satisfy different kind of requirements. They are listed as below:

Developer Number
Deploy Location
Test Server
Developer SubscriptionFor Small Business
No Limit
Developer OEM Subscription
No Limit
No Limit
Site Enterprise Subscription
No Limit
Site Enterprise OEM Subscription
No Limit
No Limit

One Developer Subscription authorizes One developer to utilize our product to create unlimited number of applications which can be deployed at only One geography location within your organization. This type of license supports one server or multiple servers in the same place, which is/are used to host your web application.

One Developer OEM Subscription authorizes One developer to create any number of applications using our product which can be deployed at Unlimited geography locations. This type of license allows royalty-free distribution.

One Site Enterprise Subscription entitles up to 10 developers in the register enterprise to create an unlimited number of custom applications/service using our product. It allows deployment of any number of custom applications at up to 10 geography locations.

One Site Enterprise OEM Subscription authorizes up to 50 developers in the register organization to create an unlimited number of custom applications using our product. It allows royalty-free deployment of any number of custom applications to Unlimited geography locations.

Only OEM subscription works for cloud server.

If you wish to inquire us which license to choose or for any other problems, please contact our sales department, they will help you.

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