How to Get Discount


We always very thank for long-term support from our customers and would like consider more for customer to get our product with a more acceptable price. Therefore, we launch a discount system for offering customers the best value for money.

No Discount After Sale

We are not able to provide discounts once the order finished due to the cost involved to refund the partial payment. It is very important to contact our sales team( for coupon code before purchasing our products.

Purchase Quantity

You will get 12% off discount automatically to buy at least 3 same licenses (no license type limit) of any products in our store.

Competitive Discount

We offer 30% discount for customers who would like to switch to use E-iceblue products from other component vendors. Also, we are very appreciated if you share your views or opinions to help us improve our products.
For getting the competitive discount, you need to follow the following principles.

  • It is not available to or through resellers.
  • Just one time for one address or company.
  • We must verify if you have used the products of our competitors before, so please share with us the invoice or any other document that proves you were/are using a similar product.
  • We will ask for reasons why you would like to use our products rather than your current products.

For applying the competitive discount, you need to send a request to our sales team. Please show the following points in your post:

  • The product you are using right now
  • The reason you would like to have a change
  • The proof you purchase the products from our competitors.

Our staff will send you the coupon code after reviewing and approving your request.

Share your Story with others via Video about using our products

If you have tried our product and found it useful, you are welcomed to make a video by sharing your reviews or steps by using our product. Then send it to for us to review it. We will offer you a competitive discount for purchasing our product.

For More Discount

  • Certain Discount-Purchase through reseller in your country
  • 5% to 8% Discount-Write and publish review of our products on your website or professional reviews website
  • 2% to 5% discount-Share our company link on your website or facebook

Discount for Non-Profit Organizations

If you are non-profit, educational organizations or government agency, please send a discount request to our sales team. Please provide all of your organization details in the request, including organization name, local address, website, Email address etc. After checking your request, our staff will send you the coupon code.
If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team. We will reply you within 1 business day.