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Spire.XLS for C++ is a professional Excel C++ API that can be used to create, read, write and convert Excel files in any type of C++ application. Spire.XLS for C++ offers object model Excel API for speeding up Excel programming in C++ platform - create new Excel documents from template, edit existing Excel documents and convert Excel files.

This Professional C++ Excel API is a standalone Excel C++ managed assembly and does not depend on Microsoft Office Excel. Spire.XLS for C++ offers support both for the old Excel 97-2003 format (.xls) and for the new Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016 and Excel 2019 (.xlsx, .xlsb, .xlsm), along with Open Office(.ods) format. It features fast and reliably compared with developing your own spreadsheet manipulation solution or using Microsoft Automation.

Spire.XLS for C++ enjoys good reputation in both enterprise and individual customers. These customer types include Banks, Data processing houses, Educational institutions, Government organizations, Insurance firms, Legal institutions, Postal/cargo services and etc.

  • Convert

  • Export

  • Validate

  • Formula

  • Format

  • Chart

  • Pivot Table

  • Group

  • Merge

  • Highlight

Convert Excel to PDF

Whenever you need to share an important Excel report with a partner, it's best to convert the file to PDF to ensure it looks the same as it does on your device.

Export Data from Database to Excel

When data is exported from a database to Excel, it can be analyzed and visualized, as well as viewed and processed by users who are not database users.

Apply Data Validation

Data validation in Excel controls what kind of data can be entered into a certain cell, which ensures that all data entries are accurate and consistent.

Insert Formulas and Functions

Formula is an expression that calculates values in a cell or in a range of cells, while function is a predefined formula already available in Excel. Both formulas and functions are very useful when you need to calculate numbers or solve math problems in Excel.

Apply Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting is a helpful feature that allows applying special formats to cells meeting specific criteria. It is often used to emphasize or differentiate data stored in worksheets.

Create a Chart

Chart is a fantastic tool to visually group and analyze data. It provides the reader with the structure of the data set and displays the data in a graphical representation, making it easier for most users to see the data.

Create a Pivot Table

Pivot table is a kind of interactive table that allow users to quickly categorize, calculate, summarize and analyze large amounts of data in a concise tabular format.

Group Rows or Columns

For worksheets with large amounts of data, grouping rows or columns that contain similar information can make the worksheet more compact and understandable.

Merge Excel Files

Merging Excel files with associated content can help us work with worksheet data more easily and also make it easier to share and read the contents of our workbooks.

Find and Highlight

You can find all cells containing a specific value and highlight them with the same background color to make the value outstanding and more easily to be found out.


Standalone C++ API

100% independent C++ Excel class library
which doesn't require Microsoft Office to be installed on system.


  • Excel 97-2003
  • Excel 2007
  • Excel 2010
  • Excel 2013
  • Excel 2016
  • Excel 2019
  • OpenOffice


Powerful Toolset, Multichannel Support

  • Import and Export data

  • Manage Comments

  • Work with Pivot table

  • Work with Excel Charts

  • Images and shapes

  • Find Replace Highlight

  • Manage Hyperlinks

  • Header and Footer

  • Text and Image watermark

  • Conditional Formatting

  • Excel Formula

  • Set auto-filters & page breaks

  • Merge Split Cells and files

  • Protect, Encrypt, Decrypt


Conversion File Documents with High Quality

  • TEXT

  • XPS

  • SVG

  • PDF

  • XML

  • Image


  • CSV

  • HTML

  • PNG

  • BMP

  • JPEG

  • EMF

  • TIFF

  1. Chart



100% Standalone, C++ API - No Microsoft Office Automation

Spire.XLS for C++ is a 100% standalone Excel C++ API that allows developers to create, manage and manipulate Excel spreadsheets without requiring Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office to be installed on the system. In addition, Spire.XLS for C++ is a better alternative to Office Automation in terms of security, stability, scalability, speed, price and features.

Powerful & High Quality Excel File Conversion

Spire.XLS for C++ supports converting files from Excel to PDF,Excel to HTML,HTML to Excel,Excel to CSV, Excel to Text, Excel to Image, Excel to XML, Excel to SVG, Excel to UOS, Excel to OFD, Excel to PostScript and Excel to XPS. And on the other hand, most of popular files can be transferred to Excel back.

Create Excel Report from Comprehensive Workbook Designer

generate Excel workbook from scratch, or load a workbook from either folder or file stream. Developers can also save it to file, file stream or web response. Spire.XLS for C++ offers a wide range of security features including Excel encryption/decryption, digital signature, tracking changes, cell hide/unhide, worksheet lock/unlock.

Freely Operate worksheet

Spire.XLS for C++ enables developers to create, add, delete, rename, edit and move worksheet in either C++. Developers can also copy, transpose, and consolidate across worksheets with full contents. This professional Excel C++ class library also embeds many flexible options for displaying worksheets, such as page breaks, zoom-setting, freeze panes, headers/footers etc.

Easily Manipulate cells & Excel Calculation Engine at run time

Developers can easily manipulate Excel cells and Evaluate formula value in C++ at runtime. Super-fast, scalable excel calculation engine is compatible with the 97-2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019 Excel. Cell Styles are supported by this Excel C++ API, such as cell merging/unmerging, text wrapping/unwrapping, text alignment, rotation, interior, borders, lock/unlock and etc. Font formats, like setting font type, size, color, bold, italic, strikeout and underlining etc. is also fully supported. Conditional formatting, text search and replace, filter and data validation can be applied to cells as easily as you expect.

Chart, Data and other Elements

Spire.XLS for C++ provides a wide range of Chart: Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Column Chart, Line Chart, Radar Chart and etc. This Excel C++ API also supports data transportation between database and Excel in C++. Hyperlinks and templates are also supported by Spire.XLS for C++.


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Spire.XLS for C++ enables developers/programmers to build C++, Web Services, WinForms or any other type of application for C++ platforms. Full support for 64-bit system.

File Format Supports

Spire.XLS for C++ supports lots of file formats.
  • Spire.XLS for C++ offers support both for the old Excel 97-2003 format (.xls) and for the new Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016 and Excel 2019 (.xlsx, .xlsb, .xlsm), along with Open Office(.ods) format.
  • Save as HTML is available.
  • Load and save documents in the tab delimited file format.
  • Comprehensive support of the CSV format to interact with a variety of applications.
  • Easily extract text by saving in plain text format.


Spire.XLS for C++ has powerful conversion ability and it enables converting Excel files to most common and popular formats.
  • Excel to HTML/XML/CSV
  • XML/CSV to Excel
  • Excel to Image
  • Excel to Text
  • Excel to PDF
  • Excel to XPS
  • Excel to SVG

Contents Features

Spire.XLS for C++ offers a wide range of features and the main features are listed as below:
  • Create and Edit Excel
  • Find and Replace Data
  • Save Excel to file/Stream or as web response
  • Create charts
  • Read and write hyperlinks
  • Create auto filters
  • Implement Data Sorting
  • Implement Data Validations
  • Merge/Unmerge Cells and files
  • Group/UnGroup Rows and Columns
  • Insert/Delete or Hide Rows, Columns and Sheets
  • Calculate Complex Excel Formula
  • Freeze/Unfreeze Panes
  • Insert Hyperlinks to link data
  • Protect/Unprotect Worksheets
  • Create Pivot Tables
  • Encrypt/Decrypt Files
  • Load/Save Excel VBA
  • Merge data into Excel with MarkerDesigner

Formatting Features

Spire.XLS for C++ provides detailed programmatic access to formatting properties of all spreadsheet elements.
  • Apply all characters formatting in the cells including fonts, colors, effects, fill and shading.
  • Apply all the Number Format Settings (supported in MS Excel) for the cells.
  • Set all types of Text Alignment settings.
  • Apply different kinds of Font Settings for the cells.
  • Apply different Colors to Cells, Fonts, Gridlines, Graphic objects etc.
  • Apply different Rich Text formatting in a single cell.
  • Apply different Border Settings on cells.
  • Apply different Background Patterns on cells.
  • Apply gradient Background Patterns on cells.
  • Apply Format Settings on a Worksheet, Row, Column or a range of cells etc.

Page Setup Features

Spire.XLS for C++ enables developers/programmers to set PageSetup options.
  • Adjust your page orientation, scaling, paper size.
  • Specify your margins and page centering.
  • Create or edit your header and/or footer with image.
  • Managing Page Breaks.

Feature Details

Support Excel97~2003 Excel2007 Excel2010 Excel2013 Excel2016
Operation Create New Workbook Edit Existing Workbook
Save to file Save to stream Save as web response
Workbook Properties Setup
Worksheet Copy Cells Data Copy Cells Styles Copy Cells Merge
Lock Worksheet Unlock Worksheet
Data Table Import Data Table Export
Freezepane Group
Filter Data Validation
Marker Designer Template Auto Populate Style Copy Variables
Format Cells Number Format Text Alignment Font
Cell Border Cell Fill Cell Protection Interior
Content Formula (all 531 entries supported) Chart (all 74 types supported)
Image Pivot Table RichText
Hyperlink Comments VBA
Convert XML Image CSV Text