No matter you are a customer who wants to buy our products from one of our resellers at your local area or a reseller with a customer who wants to buy our product, you will find the relative information on this page.

Now E-iceblue reseller program have three types: Regular Reseller, Regional Agent and Distributor. If you are interested in becoming our Regional Agent and distributor, please contact our sales team for detailed information. And E-iceblue Co., Ltd will choose three best resellers annually and provide the big reward to them.

For customers, we recommend you to buy our products directly from us. It is much convenient for your technical support, customer service and payment issues.

Benefits of becoming E-iceblue authorized reseller?

  • E-iceblue provides at least 5% OFF and up to 50% OFF reseller discount to our resellers.
  • E-iceblue products have the advantages: High Performance, Competitive Price, and Excellent Service.

Reseller Stage

How can I become your reseller?

  • Register E-iceblue membership. The account is available on the Forum and Purchase system.
  • Use your registered email address to send an email to our Sales Center to tell us brief information about your business and why you want to become an authorized E-iceblue reseller.
  • Our staff reviews your request. If it is accepted, you are given 1st level reseller coupon code.

How do resellers pay?

The purchase of reseller is still through E-iceblue purchase system. Purchase via PayPal, Avangate is the fastest payment method. However, we still support payment through Bank Transfer

What happens when an order is successfully paid?

  • E-iceblue can directly send license file to reseller’s customers. Reseller should provide their customers' information in advance.
  • E-iceblue send license file to resellers. Then, resellers forward the license to end-users.
  • To conveniently offer technical support for end-users, we still need reseller to offer the following information of end-user.
    End User's Full Name:
    End User's Company Name:
    End User's email address:

Discount for resellers to renew the subscription.

There will be another 10% off discount for resellers to renew the subscription. For example, your reseller discount is 20% off, if you renew your subscription, then there will be 30% off discount for you to renew your subscription.