I have tried again and succeed export more than 255 character, yesterday I made mistake in my query.
Thank you very much for help.

Arif Budiman Developer2012-05-28

Perfect, thanks for that.
I appreciate the prompt reply.

Paul Heasley Developer2012-04-26

Thank you for providing the correct download. Nice development tools. This really helps.
Keep it up!

Francis Louie Te Developer2012-01-20

You are the most responsive technical support group on the planet!

Les Pinter VFP & VB.NET MVP2010-09-01

I'm generating 180+ Docs a second with your software which is awesome.

Stuart Taylor Inventas2010-07-30

I am using Spire.XLS from last year. It works quite good.

Ankur Mittal Developer2010-07-06

I think that Spire.XLS is the best excel component for .net on the internet today!!
It is very easy to use and have all the functions for reading and writing excel.
I am very happy with this product, It will save time!

Andre Zuydam IT Manager2009-10-09

Microsoft does not recommend using Office application in server-side scenarios. There are great 3rd party .NET excel component in the market that do the same job (or even better).
From a comparison testing I performed about a year ago Spire.XLS for .NET is the best from the following perspectives:
1. Read/Write of excel.
2. Support of embedding images.
3. Size of result Excel file is very small.
4. Convenient API and very similar to Office's one.
5. Multi-threaded and multi-process support.

Boris Modylevsky Developer2009-06-19

The best excel component for .net, thanks for e-iceblue Ltd, no doubt for us to choose nice solution.

Paul Menheere Developer2009-01-09

If you search great products, with great support, don't search more. You are here at the right place. Spire.XLS are simply powerfull...

Alain Falanga Developer2008-03-09

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