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Let us think about this scenario: You are employed by an IT company. One of your company's products has been updated in a major scale. You need to inform all the customers of that product. And it is a quiet long list. It is very silly to write the notice one by one. It costs much time and man-power. You need a better solution to fulfill the work quickly and more efficiently. Here I provide you a solution to do the work by using a component...Check the full text
05, May 2014, By Sourav Kayal, Software Developer/India
I am .NET learner passionate logger, like to .NET eat and sleep.
For the recent project requirements, we need to do some processing on the word document. We did a lot of search online, and found that most of them are incomplete and repeated. Few of complete guides for word component are not free. Finally I am lucky to find a free C# word library to meet all my requirements. In order to prepare others to use it later, I make a conclusion as below. Wish it helps...Check the full text
30, Apr 2014, By Suraj Sahoo, Software Developer/India
Working currently on ASP.NET MVC4 Web Applications. I am passionate and enthusiastic to learn more about software and coding.