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I surfed the internet one day and found a barcode library. The description of the library says it can scan an image for barcodes. I was interested in it. I wanted to know whether the library is useful or not. So I used its method to scan some images to evaluate the library. It turns out that it is OK. So I introduce this barcode library to you. The library provides a method called Scan to read barcode images. It is an overloaded method....Check the full text
17, Apr 2014, By Sourav Kayal, Software Developer/India
I am .NET learner passionate logger, like to .NET eat and sleep.
You may have a project which requires office automation to automatically create, read and manipulate a Word document in order to calculate and print the salary of an employee of a big company and you are asking for a fast and consistent solution. Don't worry, Spire.Doc allows you to complete your application without wasting time or quality. We will type "Hi..I'm Fred!" in a Word document called "Fred.docx"...Check the full text
17, Apr 2014, By Hadrich Mohamed, Microsoft Student Partner/Tunisia
Microsoft Student Partner, IEEE IIT SB member, IIT Microsoft Club President And a condidate at Appli Academy 2013-2014.