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You may have a project which requires office automation to automatically create, read and manipulate a Word document in order to calculate and print the salary of an employee of a big company and you are asking for a fast and consistent solution. Don't worry, Spire.Doc allows you to complete your application without wasting time or quality. We will type "Hi..I'm Fred!" in a Word document called "Fred.docx"...Check the full text
17, Apr 2014, By Hadrich Mohamed, Microsoft Student Partner/Tunisia
Microsoft Student Partner, IEEE IIT SB member, IIT Microsoft Club President And a condidate at Appli Academy 2013-2014.
This article is intended to demonstrate and review the capabilities provided by the Spire.Doc for converting documents from one format to another. We have long passed the days when many developers would install Microsoft Office on the Server to manipulate the documents. First, it was a pretty bad design and practice. Second, Microsoft never intended to use Microsoft Office as a server component and it wasn't built for interpreting and manipulating documents...Check the full text
09, Apr 2014, By Manas Bhardwaj, Architect/Netherlands
Experienced (10y+) developer, solution architect and technology specialist.