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In the mentioned article I've shown how to output test results directly to an Excel file. I've used there a nice library called Spire.XLS. You can easily have not only the tables, but charts as well! Moreover, if you spend some more time, there is also a possibility to calculate statistics, make predictions, calculations, etc. This is all possible in .NET environment, here I've tried to apply the idea to C++ - native code. In short, we can use C++/CLI as a bridge between native...Check the full text
30, Jun 2014, By Bartlomiej Filipek, Software Developer/Poland
Technologies I use(d): C++, C#, JavaScript, OpenGL, GLSL, DirectX, OpenCL, CUDA, Windows Api, MFC, Visual Studio and even HTML and CSS.
Rather than a long post with screenshots and all of that, I did a video capture. I want to stress that what you’re seeing here is me, having no prior knowledge of the product at all, and armed only with a link to tutorials. Take a look at the video and see what it’s like. I spend about 4-5 minutes getting setup and, at the end of it, I’m using a nice, clean API to successfully generate a Word document...Check the full text
20, Jun 2014, By Erik Dietrich, Software Architect/US
I have over ten years of experience in software architecture, design, implementation, and stabilizing/sustaining.