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Excel enables us to do mathematical calculation of the data stored inside it. But when presenting the data, Excel is not a good solution for me. I need other file format to present the data to my users. And Html is the format which I prefer. So I need some sort of means to convert Excel files to Html. I surfed on the Internet and found a free library – Spire.XLS that can meet my need...Check the full text
18, Jun 2014, By Sourav Kayal, Software Developer/India
I am .NET learner passionate logger, like to .NET eat and sleep.
On my programming blog, I often try to compare performance characteristics of different algorithms or concepts. I usually log performance output (like elapsed time) to the console or a txt file and then copy this to a spreadsheet and analyse. But recently, I've found another way of doing this: I've used Spire.XSL library to generate the final spreadsheet file - with all the tables and charts...Check the full text
08, Jun 2014, By Bartlomiej Filipek, Software Developer/Poland
Technologies I use(d): C++, C#, JavaScript, OpenGL, GLSL, DirectX, OpenCL, CUDA, Windows Api, MFC, Visual Studio and even HTML and CSS.