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Category: Spire.OCR for Java

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Spire.OCR for Java is a professional OCR library to read text from Images in JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF formats.

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Spire.OCR for Java Version:1.9.3

It contains Spire.OCR for Java v1.9.3 release.

Install from Maven Repository

Gradle Groovy
implementation 'e-iceblue:spire.ocr:1.9.3@jar'
<dependency org="e-iceblue" name="spire.ocr" rev="1.9.3">
  <artifact name="spire.ocr" ext="jar" />
libraryDependencies += "e-iceblue" % "spire.ocr" % "1.9.3"
[e-iceblue/spire.ocr "1.9.3" :extension "jar"]
Date 2024-01-18 Language  Multilanguage System  Multiple platforms Filesize 64.3 MB Download 5