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Thank you for requesting a trial version of Spire.XLS. The trial version will add a red watermark to the generated documents, and only supports converting the first 10 pages to other formats (excluding image). After you apply a license, the watermark will be removed and the page limit will be lifted.

Spire.XLS (Pack) is a compilation of Spire.XLS for .NET and Spire.XLS for WPF. It is a professional and powerful Word component which enables you to generate, load, write, edit and save Excel file on .NET and WPF. With Spire.XLS, you can create a large range of applications.

Note: Spire.XLS for .NET Standard Edition only can be used for .NET and doesn't support print and conversion function. Spire.XLS Pro Edition supports converting files from Excel to PDF, HTML, Excel to CSV, Excel to Text, Excel to Image and Excel to XML(the Excel can be either .XLS or .XLSX) and it is included in Spire.XLS Pack.

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To help you evaluate our product without any watermarks or restrictions, we provide you with a one-month temporary license.

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Spire.XLS Pack Version:11.1

This pack is also for users to have a free trial on Spire.XLS for .NET Pro Edition and Spire.XLS for WPF.

MD5: 81F48F516959B8EC7A703ED969F33A8B
SHA-1: 4A68AB79FBCBBFB3B8C110F34742FC363C27C7C5

Date 2021-01-22 Language  English System  Multiple platforms Filesize 197 MB Download 329
Spire.XLS Pack(Hotfix) Version:11.4.6

Hot fix patch contains only the Spire.XLS dlls. If you want to check the main and detailed functions offered by Spire.XLS, download and install Spire.XLS Pack; then go to the "SampleCenter" and API Help.

Date 2021-04-30 Language  English System  Multiple platforms Filesize 152 MB Download 15
Spire.XLS for .NET Standard Edition Version:11.3

MD5: 61123215D339607BEA3EE17C4CF084B5
SHA-1: FFBC7C1E009FB66ABE7D5B45BE4A3B37573E5545

Date 2021-03-15 Language  English System  Windows Filesize 116 MB Download 67