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Category: Spire.DataExport

Thank you for requesting a trial version of Spire.DataExport. The component will work normally except for an evaluation warning message. Once you purchase a license file, the evaluation warning will disappeare.

Spire.DataExport for .NET is a .NET component which is designed to perform data exporting processing tasks. It supports to export data to MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, PDF, Text, HTML, XML, RTF, DBF, SQL Script, SYLK, CSV, DIF , MS Clipboard format.

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Spire.DataExport for .NET Version:3.5

MD5: 7083cf670d21f31dcb4da13d35e005a7
SHA-1: 3f06804940b7c491aae885df277ccca1d606c934

Date 2014-12-23 Language  English System  Windows Filesize 2.45 MB Download 1444
Spire.DataExport for .NET (Hot Fix) Version:3.5.86

Hot fix patch contains only the Spire.DataExport dlls. If you want to check the main and detailed functions offered by Spire.DataExport, download and install Spire.DataExport Pack; then go to the "SampleCenter" and API Help.

Date 2016-04-21 Language  English System  Windows Filesize 1.27 MB Download 372
Free Spire.DataExport for .NET Version:3.3

MD5: 407b914d4c0c37600bb25a6ac5688f

Date 2013-05-24 Language  English System  Windows Filesize 3.3MB Download 1820