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Thank you for requesting a trial version of Spire.Office. The trial version will add a red watermark to the generated documents, and only supports converting the first 10 pages to other formats (excluding image). After you apply a license, the watermark will be removed and the page limit will be lifted.

Spire.Office is a powerful .NET component which enables developers to create, read, write and modify MS Word/XLS, PDF documents. Using Spire.Office developers can create a wide range of applications.

Spire.Office Platinum (Pack) is a compilation of every .NET and WPF component offered by e-iceblue.

To help you evaluate our product without any watermarks or restrictions, we provide you with a one-month temporary license.

If you are an enterprise user, you can

If you are an individual user, please send an email to sales@e-iceblue.com with the following information included.

License Registered email address:

Spire.Office Platinum Version:5.1

Spire.Office Platinum = Spire.Presentation + Spire.XLS Pack + Spire.Doc Pack + Spire.PDF Platinum Pack + Spire.DocViewer + Spire.PDFViewer + Spire.DataExport + Spire.BarCode+Spire.Spreadsheet+Spire.Officeviewer

In this new version, the recent releases of Spire.Barcode.dll 4.1.0, Spire.Common.dll 3.1.3, Spire.DataExport.dll 4.1.9, Spire.Email.dll 3.1.0, Spire.Doc.dll 8.1.3, Spire.DocViewer.Forms.dll 5.1.1, Spire.Pdf.dll 6.1.4, Spire.PdfViewer.Asp.dll 5.1.1, Spire.PdfViewer.Forms.dll 5.1.1, Spire.XLS.dll 10.1.1, Spire.Presentation.dll 5.1.3, Spire.Spreadsheet.dll 4.1.0, Spire.OfficeViewer.Forms.dll 5.1.1, Spire.License.dll 1.3.8 have been included.

Note: This pack is also for users to have a free trial on Spire.Office for .NET, Spire.Office for WPF or all of them.

MD5: DBDAFE7B7390AF4351025EB967D91311
SHA-1: FDFCC0A0AFCEA340000499979B5987682E3FA771

Date 2020-01-14 Language  English System  Multiple platforms Filesize 433 MB Download 333
Spire.Office Platinum(Hotfix) Version:5.7.3

Hot fix patch, just includes updated dll files.

In this hotfix, the recent releases of Spire.Doc.dll v8.7.5, Spire.Pdf.dll v6.7.6, Spire.XLS.dll v10.7.2, Spire.Email.dll v3.6.7, Spire.DocViewer.Forms.dll v5.1.1, Spire.PdfViewer.Forms.dll v5.7.2, Spire.PdfViewer.Asp.dll v5.7.2, Spire.Presentation.dll v5.6.1, Spire.Spreadsheet v4.5.0, Spire.OfficeViewer.Forms.dll v5.7.3, Spire.Barcode.dll v4.5.1, Spire.DataExport.dll v4.1.9, Spire.DataExport.ResourceMgr.dll v2.1.0, Spire.Common.dll v10.7.2, Spire.License.dll v1.3.8, all have been included.

Date 2020-07-14 Language  English System  Multiple platforms Filesize 249 MB Download 27