Set X dimension of Barcode

Spire.Barcode is a free .NET component specially designed for developers. It can generate many kinds of barcode such as EAN128, Codabar, DataMatrix, PostNet and so on. It can also scan the barcode images. X dimension is the measure of the narrowest bar in a barcode. Barcodes and scanners have different X dimensions, so they must be matched. Using Spire.Barcode, it is quiet an easy job to do this.

In this document, I will introduce you how to so.

Step 1: Create a BarcodeSettings instance.

BarcodeSettings setting = new BarcodeSettings();

Step 2: Set the data to render.

setting.Data = "58465157484";
setting.Data2D = "58465157484";

Step 3: Set the type of barcode to generate.

setting.Type = BarCodeType.UPCA;

Step 4: Set the value of X dimension.

setting.Unit = GraphicsUnit.Millimeter;
setting.X = 0.8F;

The property Unit specifies the measurement unit. In this sample, the measurement unit is millimeter.

Step 5: Generate barcode image using BarCodeGenerator.

BarCodeGenerator gen = new BarCodeGenerator(setting);
Image img = gen.GenerateImage();

Screenshot and Full Code:

Set X dimension of Barcode

BarcodeSettings barsetting = new BarcodeSettings();

//set the x dimension
barsetting.X = 0.8f;
barsetting.Unit = GraphicsUnit.Millimeter;

barsetting.HasBorder = true;
barsetting.BorderWidth = 0.5F;

//set the data
barsetting.Data = "58465157484";
barsetting.Data2D = "58465157484";

//generate UPCA barcode
barsetting.Type = BarCodeType.UPCA;

BarCodeGenerator bargenerator = new BarCodeGenerator(barsetting);
Image barcodeimage = bargenerator.GenerateImage();

Dim barsetting As New BarcodeSettings()

'set the x dimension
barsetting.X = 0.8F
barsetting.Unit = GraphicsUnit.Millimeter

barsetting.HasBorder = True
barsetting.BorderWidth = 0.5F

'set the data
barsetting.Data = "58465157484"
barsetting.Data2D = "58465157484"

'generate UPCA barcode
barsetting.Type = BarCodeType.UPCA

Dim bargenerator As New BarCodeGenerator(barsetting)
Dim barcodeimage As Image = bargenerator.GenerateImage()