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Thank you very much for your code of Spire.XLS. I have implemented that and it works like a charm.
You guys are absolutely fantastic and your...
Spire.XLS is the first component for XLS that has allowed me complete control over manipulating MS Excel files. The built in intelisense makes it so...
I'm currently using the free version of Spire.XLS as it fits our short term needs. I'm happy with how Spire works and its easy integration into our...
Mohamed speaks very highly of your software of Spire.XLS. Thanks for making a great product and providing excellent support.
We are happy with your Spire.XLS, and have tested it extensively and it works great!
Also let me say that your technical support staff...
Your suggestion worked and I was able to finish my testing with the product.
I have recommended to my boss the need to purchase Spire.XLS to help with...
My problem has been resolved by your technical team.
Really like to compliment your support. Their response are really fast...
As discussed, we are very satisfied by your hotfixes and by your support team. We still need to test some things before choosing Spire.XLS for our system.
Thanks for the HotFix of Spire.XLS and the good job, it work's great.
The below given code of Spire.XLS helped me a lot.
Thank you very much, I appreciate your valuable support.
Yes! The problema was easily resolved by Spire.XLS 7.4!
Thanks for your answer and for this fantastic product!
Spire.XLS - Perfect!!
The support on your product is prompt and excellent!
We just purchased the Spire.XLS for Silverlight component. We are able to save as .xls, but are unable to save as .xlsx files. For your fast response...
Absolutely, Spire.XLS is great. In fact, it beats microsofts own components available for VB.
The product is great and your support team are very helpful, thank you.
My company has already purchased a full license.
We have been testing and evaluating your product and have had great success. As a side note, I would like to say your customer service...
We got very good support from E-iceblue from production evaluation time to till date.
E-iceblue team fixed few issues and sent hotfix...
I think that Spire.XLS is the best excel component for .net on the internet today!!
It is very easy to use and have all the function...
I bought the Spire.XLS standard license a while ago and were very pleased with it! It do so much more than competitive sofware! Were thinking about buying the PDF as well. Keep up the good work.
I'm interested by your Spire.Doc and Spire.XLS.
I am a professor of mathematics in France, I also teach programming for high school students...
Just want to let you know the HOTFIX (Spire.XLS 7.8.33) has corrected the problem and seems to work with the formatting no matter...
In the trial periode of E-iceblue software we have some very good experience with your support team. Also E-iceblue software works very well...
Thank you very much E-iceblue sales team, you amazed me with such a fast response. I already checked your other wonderful product...
I'm using Spire.XLS on developing a small modular processing applications work his office daily. After a few days I tried to write...
Your product is awesome, but more awesome is your support team. What I like best about you is the promptness of response of your development team...
On a second note, I am deeply satisfied by your customer service during the developmental period. You were prompt, knowledgeable...
If you search great products, with great support, don't search more. You are here at the right place. Spire.XLS are simply powerfull...
Thank you very much for your code of Spire.XLS. I have implemented that and it works like a charm.
You guys are absolutely fantastic and your...

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