E-iceblue has a 9-Day Spring Festival Holiday during 09/02/2024-17/02/2024

2024-02-08 02:37:50

As the Chinese New Year approaches, our office will be closed from 09/02/2024 to 17/02/2024 (GMT+8:00).

During the holiday, your emails will be received as usual, and urgent issues will be addressed promptly by our on-duty staff. Please note that standard support may be limited during this time, so we kindly ask for your understanding and patience if you do not receive an immediate response.

Note: Our purchase system is available 24/7 and will automatically send you the license file once you have completed the online order and payment.

If you need a temporary license to evaluate the product, please click "Request a Temporary License" on the download page. If you experience any problems with the request, we will make it available when we return to work on February 18, 2024.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and really appreciate your understanding and support.

Please feel free to contact us via the following emails