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Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:44 am

Hi. I need to replace a dummy image from my document by another image (byte[]).
Problem 1: I'm using the Traverse a Document Tree as posted in forum so i can catch the document objects. My document have 3 pictures and few text but, only 1 object is returned by GetAllObjects(doc).
Problem 2: After resolving problem 1, how can i replace the image? I was trying like below.

IList<Spire.Doc.Interface.IDocumentObject> nodes = GetAllObjects(doc);

foreach (Spire.Doc.Interface.IDocumentObject node in nodes)
if (node.DocumentObjectType == Spire.Doc.Documents.DocumentObjectType.Picture)

//here i need to compare if found picture is the picture that i want to replace
Spire.Doc.Fields.DocPicture pictureNode = node as Spire.Doc.Fields.DocPicture;

if (pictureNode.ImageBytes.Length == DummySignature.Length)
//The node has the picture i want to replace! Now how can i replace it? In variable byte[] NewSignature i have the new signature.



Can you help me with this?

Best regards,

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Mon Jul 04, 2011 4:51 am

Dear Nuno,
Thanks for your inquiry.
Here is a sample code.
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private struct DocPictureInfo
            public ICompositeObject Parent { get; set; }
            public int Index { get; set; }
           // public IDocumentObject NewPicture { get; set; }
 private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
//open document
            Document document = new Document(@"..\..\..\..\..\..\Data\Summary_of_Science.doc");

            //document elements, each of them has child elements
            Queue<ICompositeObject> nodes = new Queue<ICompositeObject>();

            //embedded images list.
            IList<Image> images = new List<Image>();

            IList<DocPictureInfo> forReplaced = new List<DocPictureInfo>();

            while (nodes.Count > 0)
                ICompositeObject node = nodes.Dequeue();
                for (int i = 0, len = node.ChildObjects.Count; i < len; i++)

                //foreach (IDocumentObject child in node.ChildObjects)
                    IDocumentObject child = node.ChildObjects[i];
                    if (child is ICompositeObject)
                        nodes.Enqueue(child as ICompositeObject);
                    else if (child.DocumentObjectType == DocumentObjectType.Picture)
                        DocPicture pic = (DocPicture)child;
                        if (pic.ImageBytes.Length == DummySignature.Length)
                            forReplaced.Add(new DocPictureInfo()
                                Parent = node,
                                Index = i
                        //if (pic.ImageBytes.Length == DummySignature.Length)
                        //    pic.Image=//picture you want to replace

                        //    DocPicture picture = child as DocPicture;
                        //    images.Add(picture.Image);

            foreach (DocPictureInfo dpi in forReplaced)
                //dpi.Parent.ChildObjects.Insert(dpi.Index, dpi.NewPicture);
                dpi.Parent.ChildObjects.Insert(dpi.Index,//the picture you want to replace to);
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