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Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:30 pm

I am using spire doc to parse through large word documents and save separate pages to PDFs. Basically it is splitting the word document into multiple PDF documents based on a barcode font. Attached is a text file with the method that creates a separate PDF file any time it finds a new barcode.

The issue I am having is that the format is not the same as the original document. For instance there is often a new line in the middle of a word instead of the word falling to a new line. So as an example in the original it may show
Long sentence written by Daniel

After I have it parsed by this method it would show
Long sentence written by Daniel Po

Any advice on how I improve how I parse through the document?
Thank You,
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Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:05 am

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Sorry that we couldn't reproduce your issue, please provide us your original document to help us reproduce the issue, and we would work out the solution for you ASAP. If the document is large, and it couldn't be uploaded, you could send it to our Email(support@e-iceblue.com). Thanks.

E-iceblue support team
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