Multiple Sheets (workbooks)

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Multiple Sheets (workbooks)

Postby D524120 » Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:26 pm

I am using the DataExport and trying to build an XLS (Excel) with multiple workbooks/sheets (some people may call it tabs).

I followed the following example from e-iceblue's own website:

The example works great, if you are going to add a maximum of 3 workbooks. I am in need of having around 6. If I try to add a fourth workbook, I do not get an error but I also don't get the fourth workbook.

I was thinking I might have an error in the fourth workbook, so I comment out the 3rd workbook’s code and then I ran it again, the 4th workbook can now be seen (In workbook location #3)! Wow, so the fourth workbook has no errors! I uncommited the code for the 3rd workbook and bammm, the fourth workbook can’t be seen again. Only the first 3 workbooks can be seen.

There must be some sort of limitations on how many workbooks can be added? :?:
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Re: Multiple Sheets (workbooks)

Postby » Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:58 am

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by us.
It looks like that your program worked on Spire.DataExport Community Edition. The maximum of 3 worksheets is a limitation. We also provide a Charged Edition of Spire.DataExport which can support up to 256 worksheets. You could get more information about the difference between them from the last table in ... intro.html.
You could buy a license of Spire.DataExport Charged Edition from If you decide to choose the Charged Edition, please send a mail to to acquire a coupon code of 5% discount.
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