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Insert Watermark

Postby Nicholas » Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:38 am

I have created a Word doucment with 10 pages. Now, I want to insert watermark in even pages, how should I do?
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Re: Insert Watermark

Postby iceblue support » Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:12 am

The function can't be supported with Microsoft Word. So in Spire.Doc, we can't insert a watermark only in the odd pages. However, you may use header and footer method to realize it. You can first set different header or footer between odd and even pages. And then you may insert a picture in the odd pages, then set the picture behind text. If your picture is big enough, it will look like watermark in the word document. Following is the code:
section.PageSetup.DifferentOddAndEvenPagesHeaderFooter = true;
Paragraph efp = section.HeadersFooters.EvenHeader.AddParagraph();
//header picture layout - text wrapping
headerPicture.TextWrappingStyle = TextWrappingStyle.Behind;
//header picture layout - position
headerPicture.HorizontalOrigin = HorizontalOrigin.Page;
headerPicture.HorizontalAlignment = ShapeHorizontalAlignment.Left;
headerPicture.VerticalOrigin = VerticalOrigin.Page;
headerPicture.VerticalAlignment = ShapeVerticalAlignment.Top;
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