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Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:39 am


I just bought the developer version of Spire DOC... Currently, we have an application requirement that all our assemblies be bundled into a single assembly.
I'm attempting to merge (ilmerge) Spire.License and Spire.Doc... ILMERGE first produced a warning for duplicate entry for "jp3E9FF5BED7F5", and if I intended to use the /allowdup option.
After adding the /allowdup option to ILMERGE, it then produces the error:
An exception occurred during merging:
ILMerge.Merge: The assembly 'Spire.License' was not merged in correctly. It is still listed as an external reference in the target assembly.

Since external references won't work with our application, we need some assistance here. I could potentially dynamic load your libraries from an embedded resource instead of using ILMERGE -- but would rather merge using ILMERGE just due to time constraints. Thoughts on how I can merge this library into a single library and keep the licensing intact using ILMERGE?

PS. Still waiting for our license key; keep me posted :)

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Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:23 am

Hi twebb72,

Thanks for your feedback.

So sorry to tell you that according to e-iceblue product policy, that operation (change dll files like merging Spire.License.dll and Spire.Doc.dll) is NOT allowed. At this stage, we don't offer free customized service for developer subscription users. If you have to do this operation, I recommend you to upgrade your license to Developer OEM license because we offer free customized service for OEM users. Upgrade to OEM, please contact our sales team by sending email to sales@e-iceblue.com.

Once you upgrade to OEM license, we can offer free customized service according to your requirements includes that operation. We will send you a special customized license and help you do that job.

Please feel free to contact us for anything at any time. Have a great day!
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