Set 3D effect for the text in PowerPoint in C#

With the help of Spire.Presentation for .NET, we could set 3D effect to the shapes and text in the PowerPoint document to make it attractive. We have already demonstrated how to use Spire.Presentation to set 3D format for shapes. In this article, I will introduce how to create three dimensional effects text in PowerPoint in C#.

using Spire.Presentation;
using Spire.Presentation.Drawing;
using System.Drawing;

namespace 3DEffectForText
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            //Create a new presentation object
            Presentation presentation = new Presentation();

            //Get the first slide
            ISlide slide = presentation.Slides[0];

            //Append a new shape to slide and set the line color and fill type
            IAutoShape shape = slide.Shapes.AppendShape(ShapeType.Rectangle, new RectangleF(30, 40, 600, 200));
            shape.ShapeStyle.LineColor.Color = Color.White;
            shape.Fill.FillType = Spire.Presentation.Drawing.FillFormatType.None;

            //Add text to the shape
            shape.AppendTextFrame("This demo shows how to add 3D effect text to Presentation slide");

            //set the color of text in shape
            TextRange textRange = shape.TextFrame.TextRange;
            textRange.Fill.FillType = Spire.Presentation.Drawing.FillFormatType.Solid;
            textRange.Fill.SolidColor.Color = Color.Green;

            //set the Font of text in shape
            textRange.FontHeight = 30;
            textRange.LatinFont = new TextFont("Gulim");

            //Set 3D effect for text
            shape.TextFrame.TextThreeD.ShapeThreeD.PresetMaterial = PresetMaterialType.Matte;
            shape.TextFrame.TextThreeD.LightRig.PresetType = PresetLightRigType.Sunrise;
            shape.TextFrame.TextThreeD.ShapeThreeD.TopBevel.PresetType = BevelPresetType.Circle;
            shape.TextFrame.TextThreeD.ShapeThreeD.ContourColor.Color = Color.Green;
            shape.TextFrame.TextThreeD.ShapeThreeD.ContourWidth = 3;                    
            //Save the document to file.
            presentation.SaveToFile("3DEffectForText_result.pptx", FileFormat.Pptx2010);                                                        

Effective screenshot for 3-D effect text on Presentation slides:

Set 3D effect for the text in PowerPoint in C#