Rotate a PDF page in Java

This article demonstrates how to rotate a PDF page using Spire.PDF for Java.

Below is the screenshot of the input.pdf file:

Rotate a PDF page in Java

import com.spire.pdf.PdfDocument;
import com.spire.pdf.PdfPageBase;
import com.spire.pdf.PdfPageRotateAngle;


public class RotatePDFPage {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
        //Load the PDF document
        PdfDocument pdf = new PdfDocument();

        //Get the first page
        PdfPageBase page = pdf.getPages().get(0);

        //Get the original rotation angle of the page
        int rotateAngle = page.getRotation().getValue();

        //Rotate the PDF page 90 degrees clockwise based on the original rotation angle
        rotateAngle += PdfPageRotateAngle.Rotate_Angle_90.getValue();

        //Save the PDF document


Rotate a PDF page in Java