Spire.Presentation 6.2.2

Spire.Presentation 6.2.2 supports replacing video files

We are glad to announce the release of Spire.Presentation 6.2.2.This version supports replacing video files and fixes the issues occurred when loading and merging PPT files. More details are given below.

Here is a list of changes made in this release

Category ID Description
New Feature SPIREPPT-1413 Supports the function of replacing video files.
Presentation ppt= new Presentation();
VideoCollection videos = ppt.Videos;
foreach (ISlide sld in ppt.Slides)
    foreach (Spire.Presentation.Shape sp in sld.Shapes)
        if (sp is IVideo)
IVideo video = sp as IVideo;
byte[] bts = File.ReadAllBytes("C:/test.mp4");
VideoData videoData = videos.Append(bts);
video.EmbeddedVideoData = videoData;
ppt.SaveToFile(outputFile, FileFormat.Pptx2013);
Bug SPIREPPT-1414 Fixes the issue that the output pptx file could not be opended after deleting the shape where the video was located
Bug SPIREPPT-1415 Fixes the issue that the text of data label in chart was garbled when converting PPT to Image in multithreaded mode.
Bug SPIREPPT-1418 Fixes the issue that the application threw NullReferenceException when replacing the images in SmartArt.
Bug SPIREPPT-1430 Fixes the issue that the application threw "an object reference is not set to an instance of the object" when loading PPT.
Bug SPIREPPT-1451 Fixes the issue that the bulleted list displayed incorrectly after copying the paragraphs with bulleted list to new slide.
Bug SPIREPPT-1456 Fixes the issue that the application threw {"rgb(255 is not a valid value for Int32. (Parameter 'htmlColor')"} when adding html text.
Fixes the issue that the output pptx file got very large after merging two pptx files.
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