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This is the list of changelogs of Spire.Email New release and hotfix. You can get the detail information of each version's new features and bug solutions.

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Hot Fix Version: 5.5.0

Category ID Description
Fixes the issue that it failed to get the attachment from message.
Bug SPIREEMAIL-52 Fixes the issue that it failed to get the correct subject from message.

Hot Fix Version: 5.2.0

Category ID Description
New feature SPIREEMAIL-16 Implement LinkedResource interface to add image in message
MailMessage mail = new MailMessage("From@domain.com", "To@domain.com");
// Add TO recipients
// Specify ReplyTo 
// Add CC recipients
// Add BCC recipients
mail.Subject = "New message created by Spire.Email for .NET";
//How to Reference the resource in html
LinkedResource resource = new LinkedResource(@"../../../../../Data/TestData/ice.png");
resource.ContentId = "ice.png";
// Set body html
string htmlString = @"

Hello everyone!

Thank you very much for inviting me to the year-end party at your headquarters on Friday, February 10th at 8pm. I would love to attend and look forward to seeing you and your colleagues at the party.

I wish the company's annual meeting a complete success.
January 12, 2022

"; mail.BodyHtml = htmlString; // Save message mail.Save("CreateNewEmail.msg", MailMessageFormat.Msg);

Hot Fix Version: 4.11.1

Category ID Description
Bug SPIREEMAIL-48 Fixes the issue that the addresser was incorrect when saving the email extracted from a PST file to eml format

Hot Fix Version: 4.7

Category ID Description
Bug SPIREEMAIL-43 Fixes the issue that the program threw an error of "System.InvalidOperationException" when using filter conditions to query emails.

Hot Fix Version: 4.1

Category ID Description
Adjustment - Change the parameter type of ImapClient.MarkAsDeleted(int sequqnceNo) method from String to int.

Hot Fix Version: 3.6.7

Category ID Description
New Feature - Supports netcoreapp2.0, netcoreapp3.0, netstandard2.0, MonoAndroid and Xamarin.iOS.

Hot Fix Version: 3.2.0

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes the issue that it could not create emails with more than 3 attachments. There was no limitation on the number of attachments after applying license.
  • Fixes the issue that it only retained 3 attachments when converting EML to MSG files. There was no limitation on the number of attachments after applying license.

Hot Fix Version: 1.1.1

New Features:

  • Aztec barcode is added to the existing 37 different types of barcodes supported.
  • Append new fast scanning method ScanOne("fileName"), sample code: String barcodes = Barscanner.scanOne("fileName");