Spire.Presentation 4.10.2

Spire.Presentation 4.10.2 optimizes the time of saving PPTX and enhances the conversion from PPT to PDF

We're pleased to announce the release of Spire.Presentation 4.10.2. This version makes some optimizations for the time of saving PPTX and fixes some issues that occurred when converting PPT to PDF, saving PPTX and loading PPT file. See the content below for more details.


  • Some optimizations have been made for the time to save PPTX on the Windows10.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes the issue that the exception "Index was out of range" was caused when saving PPTX on .NET Core application.
  • Fixes the issue that incorrect content format was caused after converting PPT to PDF.
  • Fixes the issue that the exception "Error reading tags" was caused when loading PPT file.

Click the link below to download Spire.Presentation 4.10.2
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