Spire.PDF 3.9 enhances the performance of converting PDF from/to TIFF


We are pleased to announce a new release version-Spire.PDF 3.9 today. In this version, we focus on fixing the bugs especially for the conversion function and the print feature. Viewing the following full description of its enhanced features:

Bug solutions:

  • Fixes the issue that caused first page was blank when converting PDF to TIFF image format.
  • Fixes the issue where the generated pdf threw an exception that insufficient data for an image while being opened in adobe reader when converting TIFF image to PDF.
  • Fixes the issue that caused PdfButtonField border visible when setting the BorderWidth property to 0.
  • Fixes the issue that caused the exception that the character 'z' is invalid inside an ASCII85 block when using MergeFiles method.
  • Resolves the issue that caused the image was lost when printing the PDF file.

Get the most recent version of Spire.PDF 3.9 here:


More information of Spire.PDF new release or hotfix: