This is the list of changelogs of Spire.Barcode New release and hotfix. You can get the detail information of each version's new features and bug solutions.

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Hot Fix Version: 3.5.0

New Features:

  • Supports setting the vertical/horizontal bearer bar for ITF-14 barcode.
  • //vertical bar 
    BarCodeSetting.ITF14BearerBars = ITF14BorderType.Frame;
    //horizontal bar
    BarCodeSetting.ITF14BearerBars = ITF14BorderType.Bar;

Hot Fix Version: 2.8.1

New Features:

  • Supports .NET Core 2.0.

Hot Fix Version: 2.8.0

New Features:

  • Supports to add pictures in the middle of the QR code.
  • BarCodeControl.QRCodeLogoImage

Hot Fix Version: 1.4.11

New feature:

  • Publishes the BarcodeSettings.DataMatrixSymbolShape property to support specifying the shape of DataMatrix when creating it.
  • Adds two properties for Aztec Code.
  • //Gets or sets a value specifying the required number of layers for an Aztec code.
    //Gets or sets a value specifying the degree of error correction.

Hot Fix Version: 1.4.8

Bug solutions:

  • Fix the bug that when viewing the barcode from web page, it caused InvalidCastException after editing Barcode DpiX or DpiXY directly via BarCodeControl on Web Forms.
  • Fixes the issue that the generated barcode was blank when the barcode contains more than ten Arabic letters.

Version: 1.4

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes the issue that caused extra number when generating a SSCC barcode.
  • Fixes the issue that caused application hang when scanning image that doesn't include barcode.