Text watermark and image watermark are all watermarks in Word document. The difference lies in that text watermark always shows some additional but related information to the word context. While image watermark is used to make the Word document be more attractive. This section will show you solutions to add both text watermark and image watermark via a .NET Word component in C#, VB.NET.

Spire.Doc for .NET, a reliable .NET Word component, enables you to generate, read, edit, convert even print your Word document in a fast speed. Using Spire.Doc for .NET, you can easily add both text watermark and image watermark in your Word document in C#, VB.NET. Please see the target Word document with image watermark as below picture:

Word Watermarks

Here, you can download Spire.Doc for .NET and install it in system. After adding Spire.Doc dll, you can perform adding Word watermark task by below soluctions.

Add Image Watermark in Word with C#, VB.NET

There are four lines of key code for you to add your image watermark. First we need to create a new instance of the Spire.Doc.PictureWatermark named picture. Then, load an image from system by calling the method: System.Drawing.Image FromFile(string filename). The third line enables you to set the image watermark scaling when adding to Word file. While in the last step, you can set the image that you just load to be Word watermark. Please see the code below:

PictureWatermark picture = new PictureWatermark();
picture.Picture = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(@"..\imagess.jpeg");
picture.Scaling = 250;
document.Watermark = picture;
Dim picture As PictureWatermark = New PictureWatermark
picture.Picture = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile("..\imagess.jpeg")
picture.Scaling = 250
document.Watermark = picture

Add Text Watermark in Word with C#, VB.NET

This solution is as easy as the solution above. After creating a new instance of Spire.Doc.TextWatermark class which is called txtWatermark, you can set the text which will be shown in Word document. Then, by setting the property TextWatermark.FontSize and TextWatermark.Layout, you can decide the text size and layout of your text watermark. Finally, set the text watermark to be the one you just defined.

TextWatermark txtWatermark = new TextWatermark();
txtWatermark.Text = "Microsoft";
txtWatermark.FontSize = 90;
txtWatermark.Layout = WatermarkLayout.Diagonal;
document.Watermark = txtWatermark;
Dim txtWatermark As TextWatermark = New TextWatermark
txtWatermark.Text = "Microsoft"
txtWatermark.FontSize = 90
txtWatermark.Layout = WatermarkLayout.Diagonal
document.Watermark = txtWatermark

Spire.Doc for .NET is specially designed for creating, reading, writing, manipulating Word documents in your .NET applications. With this .NET Word component, you can perform a wide range of tasks directly.

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