Spire.PDFConverter enables users to encrypt PDF documents when converting to PDF. Users can set own password and user password. Also, users can set individual security permissions, for example, print, edit and so on.

How to Encrypt PDF Document

Step 1: Register to Download Free Spire.PDFConverter and Run it.

Step 2: Choose a Document.

Click Add files, select the document you want to convert and encrypt.

Step 3: Encrypt PDF Document

Click Encryption button and then set password and permissions.

Set Own Password

Set User Password


Step 4: Convert Document

Click Encryption to confirm. Save the document in a specific path by clicking browse. Then, Click Convert.

Now, the document has been converted to PDF and encrypted.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011 09:59

How to Convert HTML to PDF

Why Convert HTML to PDF?

PDF (Portable Document Format), which often used for printing document is an open standard for creating and sharing document. It is one of the most popular file formats because it retains the same format no matter what browser is used to view it and without any loss when transfer from one system to another. So, we usually convert different format files such as Doc, Text, CSV, XML and HTML to PDF. Here is one of the easiest and fastest solutions.

How to Convert HTML to PDF?

Only 3 simple steps, you can finish a whole process of HTML to PDF conversion by using Spire.PDFConverter.

Step 1: Install and Run Spire PDF Converter

Step 2: Add HTML files

Spire.PDFConverter enables user add single HTML file or multiple HTML files. And support add file folder.

Step 3: Choose output file folder and Run conversion process

Spire.PDFConverter is one of the fastest HTML to PDF converting solutions. By using Spire PDF Converter, you can encrypt or add watermark to output PDF files.

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Monday, 16 May 2011 10:04

How to Convert Doc to PDF

Why Convert Doc to PDF?

PDF documents are not good for designing and editing content but without any information and appearance loss, they are very safe and easy to transfer from one system to another. On the other hand, Microsoft Word document (.doc file) is the most suitable document for designing and editing. So, the most popular way to create PDF documents is to design and create content in MS Word document and then convert the file from Doc to PDF.

How to Convert Doc to PDF?

Only 3 simple steps, you can finish a whole process of Doc to PDF conversion by using Spire.PDFConverter. Download Free Spire.PDFConverter Here

Step 1: Install and Run Spire.PDFConverter

Step 2: Choose Doc file

Click button "Add files" to select Doc files which you want to convert. Spire.PDFConverter supports batch conversion which means you can add multiple Doc files.

Step 3: Start Converting

Choose output file folder and click button "Convert"

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Friday, 13 May 2011 10:24

How to Use Spire.PDFConverter

Spire.PDFConverter is a PDF conversion program which can convert office files such as Doc, Excel, HTML, Text and XML to PDF format. Below is a simple instruction of how to use Spire.PDFConverter.

Step 1: Download Spire.PDFConverter here and install.

Step 2: Run Spire.PDFConverter.

Step 3: Add Files to Converter.

Spire.PDFConverter allows user to add single file, multiple files, whole file folder into conversion list. Spire PDF Converter offers powerful functions which enable uses to add watermark and encrypt output PDF document.

Step 4: Start conversion process.

Spire.PDFConverter enables user to set output address for output files. And once the conversion process finished, user can click "Open Folder" button to check the status.

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