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Spire.Barcode New Release or Hotfix

Postby amy.zhao » Tue Dec 24, 2013 3:28 am

This is the list of changelogs of Spire.Barcode New release and hotfix. You can get the detail information of each version's new features and bug solutions.
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Spire.BarCode(hotfix) for .NET Version:1.4.11
New feature:
Publishes the BarcodeSettings.DataMatrixSymbolShape property to support specifying the shape of DataMatrix when creating it.
Adds two properties for Aztec Code.
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//Gets or sets a value specifying the required number of layers for an Aztec code.
//Gets or sets a value specifying the degree of error correction.

Spire.BarCode(hotfix) for .NET Version:1.4.8
Bug solutions:
Fix the bug that when viewing the barcode from web page, it caused InvalidCastException after editing Barcode DpiX or DpiXY directly via BarCodeControl on Web Forms.
Fixes the issue that the generated barcode was blank when the barcode contains more than ten Arabic letters.

Spire.BarCode(hotfix) for .NET Version:1.3.3
Bug solutions:
Fixes the issue that the scan result was incorrect.
Fixes the issue that caused "Unable to calculate checksum for " exception when generating EAN128 barcode.

Spire.BarCode(hotfix) for .NET Version:1.2.3

New Features:

Aztec barcode is added to the existing 37 different types of barcodes supported.
Append new fast scanning method ScanOne("fileName"), sample code: String barcodes = Barscanner.scanOne("fileName");
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