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TextRange Class

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Spire.Doc.Fields
Assembly:  Spire.Doc (in Spire.Doc.dll) Version: (
public class TextRange : ParagraphBase, ITextRange, 
	IParagraphBase, IDocumentObject

The TextRange type exposes the following members.

Public methodTextRange
Initializes a new instance of the TextRange class.
Public propertyCharacterFormat
Gets the character format.
(Overrides ParagraphBaseCharacterFormat.)
Public propertyChildObjects
Gets the child objects of the entity.
(Inherited from ParagraphBase.)
Public propertyDeleteRevision
Gets the delete revision for this objects. Note this can be null. If null does not have delete revision.
(Inherited from ParagraphBase.)
Public propertyDocument
Gets the document.
(Inherited from OwnerHolder.)
Public propertyDocumentObjectType
Gets the type of the document object.
(Overrides DocumentObjectDocumentObjectType.)
Public propertyFirstChild (Inherited from DocumentObject.)
Public propertyInsertRevision
Gets the insert revision for this objects. Note this can be null. If null does not have insert revision.
(Inherited from ParagraphBase.)
Public propertyIsComposite
Indicating whether this instance is composite.
(Inherited from DocumentObject.)
Public propertyIsDeleteRevision
Gets or set a value indicating whether this item was deleted from the document, when "Track Changes" is or was set to "true".
(Inherited from ParagraphBase.)
Public propertyIsInsertRevision
Gets a value indicating whether this item was inserted to the document, when "Track Changes" is or was set to "true".
(Inherited from ParagraphBase.)
Public propertyLastChild (Inherited from DocumentObject.)
Public propertyNextSibling
Gets the next sibling.
(Inherited from DocumentObject.)
Public propertyOwner
Gets the owner of this entity.
(Inherited from DocumentObject.)
Public propertyOwnerParagraph
Gets owner paragraph.
(Inherited from ParagraphBase.)
Public propertyPreviousSibling
Gets the previous sibling.
(Inherited from DocumentObject.)
Public propertyStyleName
Gets the style name.
(Inherited from ParagraphBase.)
Public propertyText
Returns or sets text.
Protected propertyXDLSHolder (Inherited from DocumentSerializable.)
Public methodApplyCharacterFormat
Sets the character format.
(Inherited from ParagraphBase.)
Public methodApplyStyle (Inherited from ParagraphBase.)
Public methodClone (Inherited from DocumentObject.)
Protected methodCloneImpl (Overrides ParagraphBaseCloneImpl.)
Protected methodCreateLayoutInfo (Overrides DocumentBaseCreateLayoutInfo.)
Public methodEquals (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodFinalize (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetNextWidgetSibling (Inherited from ParagraphBase.)
Public methodGetPreviousWidgetSibling (Inherited from ParagraphBase.)
Public methodGetType (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodInitXDLSHolder (Overrides DocumentSerializableInitXDLSHolder.)
Protected methodMemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodReadXmlAttributes (Inherited from DocumentSerializable.)
Protected methodReadXmlContent (Overrides DocumentSerializableReadXmlContent(IXDLSContentReader).)
Protected methodRestoreReference (Inherited from DocumentSerializable.)
Public methodToString (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodToString(String)
Exports the name and index in container of the object into a string in the specified seperator.
(Inherited from DocumentObject.)
Protected methodWriteXmlAttributes (Inherited from DocumentSerializable.)
Protected methodWriteXmlContent (Overrides DocumentSerializableWriteXmlContent(IXDLSContentWriter).)
Protected fieldm_charFormat (Inherited from ParagraphBase.)
Protected fieldm_doc (Inherited from OwnerHolder.)
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