Set PDF Properties in Silverlight

This section is designed to introduce the quickest solution to set PDF properties in Silverlight. As is known to all, PDF property shows the basic information of a PDF document, such as PDF document name, title, author, subject, keywords, creation/ modify date and so on. The vital reason to call it the quickest solution is that all the PDF properties referred above can be respectively set by only one line of key code via a Silverlight PDF component.

Spire.PDF for Silverlight is a PDF component, which enables you to create, read, write and manipulate PDF document in your Silverlight applications. Using Spire.PDF for Silverlight, you can set your PDF properties by calling the method: public PdfDocumentInformation DocumentInformation. Please preview the effect of your PDF property setting as below picture:

Set PDF Properties

Now, please Download Spire.PDF for Silverlight and then, view the key code below.

Sample Code:

document.DocumentInformation.Title = "image to PDF";
document.DocumentInformation.Author = "E-iceblue";
document.DocumentInformation.Subject = "convert image to PDF";
document.DocumentInformation.Producer = "Spire.PDF";
document.DocumentInformation.Keywords = "C# JPG/PNG/BMP/GIF/TIF to PDF";
document.DocumentInformation.ModificationDate = new DateTime(2012, 9, 10, 14, 30, 50);
document.DocumentInformation.Title = "image to PDF"
document.DocumentInformation.Author = "E-iceblue"
document.DocumentInformation.Subject = "convert image to PDF"
document.DocumentInformation.Producer = "Spire.PDF"
document.DocumentInformation.Keywords = "C# JPG/PNG/BMP/GIF/TIF to PDF"
document.DocumentInformation.ModificationDate = New DateTime(2012, 9, 10, 14, 30, 50)

Spire.PDF for Silverlight is a PDF Silverlight component that enables your Silverlight applications to read, write and manipulate PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat.