Convert PDF to PCL in C#, VB.NET

A PCL file is a Printer Command Language document. Printer Command Language is a page description language developed by HP as a printer protocol and has been widely supported in many printers now. Start from version 5.2.3, Spire.PDF supports converting PDF file to PCL format. There are six major levels of PCL, the PCL here refers to PCL 6 (PCL 6 Enhanced or PCL XL).

Example code

//Create a PdfDocument instance
PdfDocument pdf = new PdfDocument();
//Load the PDF file
//Save to PCL format
pdf.SaveToFile("ToPCL.pcl", FileFormat.PCL);
Private Sub SurroundingSub()
    Dim pdf As PdfDocument = New PdfDocument()
    pdf.SaveToFile("ToPCL.pcl", FileFormat.PCL)
End Sub