We were impressed by Spire.Barcode. We specially like the ease of use and ease of integration. We also commend its versatility in the number of barcodes it supports. We recommend the product.

Peter SerraoSRC Solutions


Thank for your support which the footer can be changed by code. The supporting by spire is very quick and convenience.

Ron WuDeveloper


Spire.Barcode is a well-established software product. It is easy to implement, gives us just what we need and comes with all documentation expected in order to easily take the first steps in generating an own barcode project. Having tried other solutions, Spire.Barcode was the best - and it is absolutely free. Support was great.

Christian B.STZ


Mohamed speaks very highly of your software of Spire.XLS. Thanks for making a great product and providing excellent support.

Noah DykoskiArkware


I did a trial of the Free Spire.Doc and found it to be an awesome product. I have since purchased the professional edition and it is working fantastically.
Thanks for providing such a great product.

Bo ManryREIPro


E-iceblue Spire.Barcode C# SDK allowed me to respond to a client's request in about an hour not the weeks we were expecting. The SDK is well documented, well planned and has plenty of examples making it easy to integrate.

Ashley BussBits of Software


I'm part of the IT team in Gift of Life.
We have a need for a product that enables us to fill data in a word document and then save it as a PDF, and also to fill from code form fields in a PDF document.
I have evaluated your products for .Net and found them very useful for our needs.
When I tried to incorporate both Spire.PDF and Spire.Doc in my solution I got an error and your very helpful support team answered that you can not have more than one product in my solution and that I need to use Spire.Office. I tried (I got a 1 month license) and it works fine.

Avishai GolDeveloper


I have now managed to work out how to overwrite text onto an existing PDF by using Spire.PDF, working really well, quite impressed.

Spencer ButtPandaw


We are happy with your Spire.XLS, and have tested it extensively and it works great!
Also let me say that your technical support staff like Amy and Gary have been unbelievably helpful and responsive, full marks to them, one of the reasons we chose to go with you.

Peter MeierCULA Canada


I am very pleased with the Spire library and what stood out to me the most has been the intuitiveness of its API.
I am also very satisfied with the level of service I received in being provided with a working hotfix of Spire.Doc.

Matthew ArnoldSimmons


Your suggestion worked and I was able to finish my testing with the product. I have recommended to my boss the need to purchase Spire.XLS to help with our development.
Thank you very much Gary.

Manuel GarciaNC4


In the trial periode of E-iceblue software we have some very good experience with your support team. Also E-iceblue software works very well and is extremely easy to use.

Keld LillegaardDeveloper


I'm waiting for a confirmation from my superiors to buy the license. We already finished the tests with the Spire.Doc, and it works perfectly!
We are very excited to start to work with it, because it fixes a lot of bugs that we have using the Microsoft.Office.Interop's dll.

Jorge OliveiraStarNET Pharma


Spire.PDF is a very good product for me and I've bought it the last week.

Gilles MartelTechne


I was very pleased with your service so far. Thank you very much for your help and the code you provided helping me to get an understanding of how to use your Spire.Doc application.

Daniel K.Developer


Thank you so much!!
The result is perfect. We're very excited about using Spire.Doc.
It works very well.

Jorge OliveiraStarNET Pharma


Thank you to you and your team. We have received excellent bug support for the issues we had with Spire.PDF for .net. We are ready to purchase the license.

Joe PerkinsSecureClose


I just licensed your Spire.Presentation .NET and really like it as well as the tutorials that make getting up to speed quick and painless.

Alexander N.EDGAR


We have been evaluating different free barcode components in an ASP.NET MVC application and decided to use the Spire.Barcode component because of its comprehensible api and its easy use.
It works perfectly! Thank you a lot.

Alexander M.eWorks


The Spire.Barcode product allows me to create barcodes. The barcode scanner I have reads the barcodes generated by Spire.Barcode without error.
This is a great software package that saved me a lot of time. The fact that this package and is such high quality, I'm considering some of their other products for purchase.

Jamie GregoryDeveloper


Spire.BarCode impressed with the simple integration into Visual Studio. It's a privilege to get such a great product for free.
It supports almost every Barcode type along with 2D. It's library has many features for developer to generate and read barcodes. I appreciate the team effort to build such a reliable Barcode control. It is reliable and I will use it for further barcode application development.
I will even suggest reader to give a try because it's worth it. Thank you team for making our development easy.

Sricharan K.Arcadix GmbH


We are very satisfied with the Spire.Presentation product. I work at Chase bank and we have already purchased a license. We appreciate your Dev team's quick reply to our issues\questions.

Daniel T.Developer


Spire.Barcode is awesome. It's very simple to use and provide various symbologies as compare to other libraries which I had been using in past. I would like to recommend Spire.Barcode library because it has great flexibility and excellent support. I really appreciate the effort of team to make such great control.

Mukesh AroraIRIS


Thank you very much E-iceblue sales team, you amazed me with such a fast response. I already checked your other wonderful products, in future I will try maximum to make use of it.
And also will recommend all products to my colleagues.

Siva PrasadDeveloper


I tried the BarCode and PDF components over the weekend and actually was impressed! Great job, a lot of functionality, and the code is dense and clean, so it really was great fun programming. Got it up and running very quickly and just started coding without any trouble.
Despite the fact that the documentation and examples could have been more extensive and I actually could not get the Visual Studio plugin installed, I guess Visual Studio's IntelliSense was good enough to find out most things.
I generate the QRC's I was looking for and converted them into a PDF 'e-ticket' within maybe some 20 lines of code.
Really was surprised by the ease with which I could make the thing I was after.

Marcel KalfsDeveloper


Spire.Barcode is awesome. It's very simple to configure and it works very stable. It not even took me an hour to integrate it into our existing application. Now we can easily create, print and scan barcodes for our products. Thank you very much for this great control.



First to say I'm very satisfied with Spire software, very reliable, and works smoothly. I did download Spire.PDF, but the one I use is Free Spire.PDF. I'm using it in our company web application.
Because we use it only to create PDF from web forms, and we don't need more than 10 pages, free version is enough.
I can't say if we are going to need full version in future, Free Spire.PDF satisfies our needs for the moment, but we do recommend this to other developers and companies with which we work with.

Luka VukovicVUKOVIC


My problem has been resolved by your technical team.
Really like to compliment your support. Their response are really fast and most of the time they solve my problem. Really appreciate you and your team.

Ting YaBrown Solutions


As discussed, we are very satisfied by your hotfixes (getting the PivotTable settings) and by your support team. We still need to test some things before choosing Spire.XLS for our system.

Ionut TamasCOERA


Thank you so much for the information and the hotfix of Spire.Doc!
I just tested the hotfix and all issues seem to be resolved. I am very happy that your developers were able to solve these layout problems (to be honest, I didn't expect the problems could be solved).

Peter S.Noerr


Spire.Barcode is a fabulous product. I was able to produce a scan-able barcode in fifteen minutes and ten simple lines of code. I was overwhelmed at how simple it was to setup. After fighting with other libraries that produced unusable results, the CLEAR winner is Spire.Barcode. I have already recommended it to another development team that works with barcodes.

Thomas RitsertDeveloper


My job was to write a small application which prints labels for our company-warehouse. I was asked to include barcode to this labels, so they can use the barcode in the future. So I searched the web for a cheap barcode-DLL I can use in .Net.
Then I found Spire.Barcode. It Is free to use and it fits all my needs. I can highly recommend this DLL since the examples and the forum gives me all the information I need to write my software.
Thanks E-Iceblue!

Peter KuhnAFS Federhenn


We have been impressed with the speed improvements Spire.Doc has given us.

Steven HeggieClass Systems


Thanks for the HotFix of Spire.XLS and the good job, it work's great.

Fabio VazOrey Financial


I also noticed that the library we had chosen to replace the placeholders in docx, could be replaced by Spire.Doc. I also did this now, and it works great!
Thanks a lot for your effort and support.

Lieven M.4D vision


Spire.Barcode impressed with the simple integration into Visual Studio and handling.
Thank you for the rich variety of features, it makes simple to find a solution for individual requirements. It supports all barcode types I need.

Ivan MilerDeveloper


Thank you for your nice response. We plan to purchase Spire.Office for .NET, most likely the Spire.Office for .NET Developer OEM Subscription.
We have been testing your product and we find it very useful.

Stikova HanaEG-Expert


Finally everything worked out with Spire.PDF. And performance improved a lot.
Thanks very much for your support.

Juan A. BarrigaDeveloper


This demo of Spire.PDF is exactly what I needed! Thanks for the quick responses and this example.
Met vriendelijke groet!

Jurgen DokterAdvisie


The new Spire.Office does exactly what is should do!
My version problem is solved now. Thanks for the quick response and help!
Met vriendelijke groet,
Kind regard.

Jurgen DokterAdvisie


I'm using Spire.XLS on developing a small modular processing applications work his office daily. After a few days I tried to write "Hello, Spire.XLS!", I see:
- Spire.XLS is good for programmers to extract application data to Excel.
- Spire.XLS API easy to understand and apply to applications.

Nguyên V. ThinhDeveloper


Your product I have used is so helpful for me. Thank you.

Dee FernandoDeveloper


Thank you for being so responsive to my requests of Spire.Doc, I truly appreciate it.

Brian PursleyCinLogic


The below given code of Spire.XLS helped me a lot.
Thank you very much, I appreciate your valuable support.

Mohammed Y. K.SourceEdge


Yes! The problema was easily resolved by Spire.XLS 7.4!
Thanks for your answer and for this fantastic product!

Josep MariaEscubedo


Thanks E-iceblue, I have got the key for Spire.Barcode and everything is going fine with the product. Thanks to you and your team for such a great product.

Abdul MuizDeveloper


The free version of Spire.PDF is good enough for me as it is for a personal project to practice my skills and it's not for sale.
If within my future job I need something similar, I'm sure to refer E-iceblue to them as it works pretty well for me.

Bernard LessardDeveloper


I'm pretty sure that qualifies for the Spire.Office for .NET Developer Subscription.

Joe HakoozInnovah


Yes I was able to get our application working. The speed increase using your product Spire.DataExport was excellent. We have since purchased the developer package through our vendor SHI.

Onze ToddD&B


Spire.Doc works perfectly with our cloud based product. Allowing our customer access to their documents on their phones, tablets, or desktops.
We have a need to convert from native formats (PDF, DOC, etc.) to HTML; and back again. E-iceBlue's products have worked without issue, exceptionally fast, with consistent and excellent quality.
Thank you E-iceBlue!

Ed WindgateMosaic Track


Brilliant! Thanks a lot, Spire.BarCode is one of the best utilities I've found in a very long time.
The API is clean, library is fast and support superb!

Andrew L.Developer


Appreciate your attention to customers. For the moment I just need Spire.Dataexport dll files for using in C# projects. Now it works brilliant. I suggest to purchase your service as soon as I get some commercial benefit for the projects.
Thank you again!

Alex StroikinaDeveloper


The Spire.Barcode component is a really great product. I was looking for a component that did the I2of5, Code128 and GS1-128. It was very quick and easy to get up and running.
I did it without any documentation (although I looked briefly at the demo project provided.) The output was absolutely what I needed and the control over the human readable information was impressive and better than other controls I reviewed.
I would recommend this component to anyone who is looking to get their projects to production quickly.
Relay my gratitude to those who put this component together - they did a great job!

Matt WarkentinSashco


I have been testing Spire.Doc in an ASP.NET MVC application.
We start from a .docx-template document with bookmarks, that were to be replaced by application-data.
The Spire-library makes it very easy to handle the document.

Mr. JanDeveloper


The Spire.Barcode component has, in my opinion, a really high quality output and an efficient way to implement it into your own project.
A complete set of properties complete the possibility to customize the barcode output according to customer’s requirements.

Paolo CapirciDeveloper


Thanks a lot for your help!
I just tested your software with the key and Spire.BarCode works like a charm.
Thank you.

David E. KellerDKBE


Hey, Just tell you team, great job!
I've been comparing your Spire.Doc when converting Word Doc to HTML this last year, and there were some problems. But, when I upload the same document to Google Docs, Google did not do any better in converting to HTML. So, I could not complain.
But, with the new 5.0 release, the trouble document look great when converted to HTML with Spire.Doc. But, still look bad using Google docs.

Ed Windgate Mosaic Track


Hello, new version of Spire.Doc fixed our previous problem.
Now it's fully functional! Thank you so much.

Mr. TaufyhSynapse


We have been using several file conversion utilities here at Aviacode over the years and would like to switch to your Spire.Doc product for our Microsoft Word conversions.
For Word conversions we found your product to be much simpler to use and more full featured.

Michael DodgeAviacode


Thanks for the new release of Spire.Office, that was just in time for us.
The new Spire version is working with embedded images in HTML conversion like a charm!

Péter MüllerDiligent


Spire.Office is really a wonderful library!
There are almost no additional questions about usage.
Thank you for great responsiveness!

Kaspars PriedolsDEAC


I found a sample conversion doc from one of your competitors which I am using to test with.
I found your conversion to be more reliable in output than theirs.

Riaz AhmadAviacode


Spire.XLS - Perfect!!
The support on your product is prompt and excellent!

Mohamed BaArkware


Thank you so much for your customized Demo. That's awesome.
It does exactly what we need. I have recommended Spire.Doc to my manager.

Vishwa KumarFourth


I just download your BarCode dll and don't know how to use it in my C# windows app! to read the BarCodes.
You guys are amazing… Thanks a lot for your fast replying and also you're best site.

Agrin KHDeveloper


I have problem with tables in Spire.Doc. The problem is that when I specify width of columns the width is set to specific size, but when I'm starting typing a lot o text to this cell the width is changing!
Yes, I tested method - fix layout. It works. Thank You for support. Tell me what is price for Spire.Doc.

KMA MaszynyDeveloper


I've integrated Spire.Doc into our app with the temporary License, and it is generally working well.
I have now purchased the license to Spire.Doc, based on my evaluation trial and your great customer service :)

Callum McNeillThe Full Suite


We just purchased the Spire.XLS for Silverlight component. We are able to save as .xls, but are unable to save as .xlsx files. For your fast response, everything is working as expected. Thanks for all the help!

Francisco F.Next-Tech


Yes it worked for me I am using Spire.PDFViewer 2.0 and I am happy to find this control its really easy to use.
And yes I would like to apply the free license for 1 month.
Thanks for the offer.

Yuvraj SharmaFive Rivers


Your product is awesome, but more awesome is your support team. What I like best about you is the promptness of response of your development team (Gary and his team).
I am still using the unpaid version of your product but soon I am going to buy it. My manager has already agreed upon this. It will happen some time in September.
Thanks for following up with me.

Asif ChoudhuryDeveloper


The hot fix has fixed the 3 issues that I posted about on the forum, have to say thanks for the quick responses on the forum and the speed of the fix, better than another company we were evaluating at the same time who took a week just to respond on their support forums.
We purchased a license for Spire.Doc last week after evaluating a few products and Spire.Doc best suited our needs and worked the best.

Mike BealeStroud District


On a second note, I am deeply satisfied by your customer service during the developmental period.
You were prompt, knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

Asif ChoudhuryDeveloper


Absolutely, Spire.XLS is great. In fact, it beats microsofts own components available for VB.

Robert EhiemuaCenterPoint


The product is great and your support team are very helpful, thank you.
My company has already purchased a full license.

Doris GamingerTotal Systems


We have been testing and evaluating your product and have had great success.
As a side note, I would like to say your customer service and technical support staff have been very responsive to our needs.
I would like to thank them for looking into the issues we had, and having a resolution in a short amount of time.

Chakmakian G.HUD OIG


I would be glad to provide an evaluation:
e-iceblue was very prompt in providing feedback and delivery, even during a national holiday. And the tool they provided will add value to our company.
I am busy for the next few days, but I appreciate their service and would be glad schedule a more formal evaluation towards the beginning of next week.

Christopher J CumingsS&R Equipment Inc.


We got very good support from e-iceblue from production evaluation time to till date.
E-iceblue team fixed few issues and sent hotfix during evaluation time. They are very dedicated and commited to support customers.

Ravi PotturiComTec


I want to thank you so much for your help with the Spire.Doc component.
I think you and your team have done an excellent job. Based on my prototype the company I work for is very excited about using your companies component.

Steven SzeleiTravis Software


I have tried again and succeed export more than 255 character, yesterday I made mistake in my query.
Thank you very much for help.

Arif BudimanDeveloper


Perfect, thanks for that.
I appreciate the prompt reply.

Paul HeasleyDeveloper


Thank you for providing the correct download. Nice development tools. This really helps.
Keep it up!

Francis Louie TeDeveloper


You are the most responsive technical support group on the planet!

Les PinterVFP & VB.NET MVP


I'm generating 180+ Docs a second with your software which is awesome.

Stuart TaylorInventas


I am using Spire.XLS from last year. It works quite good.

Ankur MittalDeveloper


I think that Spire.XLS is the best excel component for .net on the internet today!!
It is very easy to use and have all the functions for reading and writing excel.
I am very happy with this product, It will save time!

Andre ZuydamIT Manager


Microsoft does not recommend using Office application in server-side scenarios. There are great 3rd party .NET excel component in the market that do the same job (or even better).
From a comparison testing I performed about a year ago Spire.XLS for .NET is the best from the following perspectives:
1. Read/Write of excel.
2. Support of embedding images.
3. Size of result Excel file is very small.
4. Convenient API and very similar to Office's one.
5. Multi-threaded and multi-process support.

Boris ModylevskyDeveloper


The best excel component for .net, thanks for e-iceblue Ltd, no doubt for us to choose nice solution.

Paul MenheereDeveloper


If you search great products, with great support, don't search more. You are here at the right place. Spire.XLS are simply powerfull...

Alain Falanga Developer


Many Thanks for this component.

Surg BartolDeveloper


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