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Thank you for requesting a trial version of Spire.Office. The component will work normally except for an evaluation warning message. Once you purchase a license file, the evaluation warning will disappeare. Spire.Office is a powerful .NET component which enables developers to create, read, write and modify MS Word/XLS, PDF documents. Using Spire.Office developers can create a wide range of applications.

Spire.Office Platinum (Pack) is a compilation of every .NET, Silverlight and WPF component offered by e-iceblue.

To serve our customer better, we offer 1-month free license to our every customer who have downloaded our products. You could contact sales@e-iceblue.com to get a license file to remove the warning message and have a better evalution on our products. Please offer us the following information in your email:

License Registered email address:

Spire.Office Platinum Version:2.10

Spire.Office Platinum = Spire.Presentation + Spire.XLS Pack + Spire.Doc Pack + Spire.PDF Platinum Pack + Spire.DocViewer + Spire.PDFViewer + Spire.DataExport + Spire.BarCode

In this new version, the recent releases of Spire.DataExport v3.4.33, Spire.Doc v5.2.76, Spire.DocViewer v1.7.5, Spire.Pdf v3.2.7, Spire.Presentation v2.1.21, Spire.PdfViewer v2.4.3, Spire.XLS v7.6.17 and Spire.Barcode v1.2.5 all have been included.

Note: This pack is also for users to have a free trial on Spire.Office for .NET, Spire.Office for Silverlight, Spire.Office for WPF or all of them.

MD5: 83B6A3F249DE9F6AA5532356474BDF05
SHA-1: 0758FCB10B224366CD169607460150AE1A2B2322

Date 2014-11-27 Language  English System  Windows Filesize 230 MB Download 372
Spire.Office Platinum (Hot Fix) Version:2.11.1

Hot fix patch, just includes updated dll files.

In this hotfix, the recent releases of Spire.Doc.dll v5.4.18, Spire.Pdf v3.4.6, Spire.XLS v7.7.7, Spire.DocViewer v1.9.1, Spire.PdfViewer v2.6.2, Spire.Presentation v2.3.1, Spire.DataExport v3.5.12, Spire.Barcode v1.2.5, all have been included.

Date 2015-05-21 Language  English System  Windows Filesize 139 MB Download 54