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This powerful component suite contains the most
up-to-date versions of all .NET/WPF/Silverlight components offered by E-iceblue.


My job was to write a small application which prints labels for our company-warehouse. I was asked to include barcode to this labels, so they can use the barcode in the future. So I searched the web for a cheap barcode-DLL I can use in .Net.
Then I found Spire.Barcode. It Is free to use and it fits all my needs. I can highly recommend this DLL since the examples and the forum gives me all the information I need to write my software.
Thanks E-Iceblue!...
Peter KuhnAFS Federhenn2014-07-28

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A powerful API that enables developers to create, read, write, modify, convert and Print PowerPoint documents from any .NET platform. This API will save you lots of time and effort.
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